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How to Donate to Homeschool ALUMNI

Mon Sep 07, 09 8:33 am

Did you know that Homeschool ALUMNI accepts donations? Yep - it's true Smile A couple people have asked, so I thought I'd go-ahead and post up a blog entry about it here.

If you have benefited from, or believe in what we're doing, or if you're just in the market for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting the work that's been here for you since 2005, you might consider sending some support our way. Eh? Every little bit helps.

Learn more here:

How to Donate to Homeschool ALUMNI

As you know, to keep costs low, even in a good year, HSA operates dangerously close to break-even. And unfortunately leaves HSA very vulnerable to an economically tough year like the one we’re facing now. Frankly, we're just barely squeaking by this year. So - especially in 2009 - if you can remember us in your giving we would truly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Camden Spiller

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Out of curiosity - this has nothing to do with whether I would consider donating Wink - is HSA registered as a non-profit organization? I have a friend who is considering trying to make her forum/ministry a non-profit, and I was wondering if that is as involved as it sounds (money, time, effort).

Thanks for the reminder about costs! I will talk to my husband about whether we can donate a little at this point. Smile
danae, Mon Sep 07, 09 4:05 pm Post

Thanks for posting this, Camden. I didn't even know about the ability to donate until someone mentioned it at the reunion. And I had looked for it before!
Evan Pederson, Mon Sep 14, 09 5:03 am Post

Thanks Evan!! Yeah, that donations page is fairly new so hopefully this blog post increases awareness about it Smile

Danae, I'm afraid I can't really give you any advice for your friend's ministry, but as far as IRS 501(c)3 designations go (assuming that's what you mean), there are some situations where it's worth it and others where it's not. It's probably best that she sit down with a good accountant and tax attorney to understand her specific situation. We've looked at it long and hard and chosen not to pursue it for HSA at this time.

We're sure appreciate any support you can send our way!
Camden Spiller, Wed Sep 16, 09 6:57 am Post
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