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Remember shop4HSA when you shop online!

Thu Jul 16, 09 8:22 pm

We know that times are tough and money is tight for everyone this year - and HSA is no exception. It's fairly costly for us to keep all HSA's services free of charge, but one way you financially support the work of Homeschool ALUMNI without spending a dime is by using the shop4HSA program.

Anytime you shop with your favorite online retailers, come here first, and click on the link to get their site. When you do, these retailers will give 1% to 15% of your sale back to Homeschool ALUMNI - it all adds up, and helps especially in times like these.

We've put the shop4hsa banner back online to keep it fresh in your mind!

Thanks again - we appreciate your support!

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Oh drat! I was doing this, but forgot on my last amazon order. Thanks for the reminder for us ditzes! Very Happy
Heather Belle 5GC, Thu Jul 16, 09 8:32 pm Post

Just used it last week! Very Happy

Thanks for the reminder!
Elysse Baumbach, Thu Jul 16, 09 9:57 pm Post

Ah yeah - Amazon is probably would I use the most through shop4hsa... but airline tickets through Orbitz ( are a huge thing too - Sarah and I buy all our tickets through there and I think HSA gets like 5-10 bucks each.
Camden Spiller, Fri Jul 17, 09 12:03 pm Post

Oh drat! I just ordered from Amazon today.... Sad Arg.....
GoodgirlAllison, Fri Jul 17, 09 9:42 pm Post
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