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HSA Store Launch!

Fri Dec 05, 08 8:03 pm

The HSA Store is now online!!

Be one of the first to order!!

Thanks to Liberty Barrett who will be shipping these orders, and to Josh Van Vleet, Elysse Barrett, Abigail Paul, and everyone else who pitched in to make this store launch possible.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Awesome! Very Happy It's cool that it's finally up! Very Happy
Lady Rebecca, Fri Dec 05, 08 7:39 pm Post

YAY!!! Very Happy
Amy, Fri Dec 05, 08 7:48 pm Post

Looks awesome! Smile
Daniel, Fri Dec 05, 08 7:53 pm Post

Totally awesome! Mr. Green
Linnae, Fri Dec 05, 08 8:04 pm Post

Daniel J. Mount OFC, Fri Dec 05, 08 8:07 pm Post

Yippeee!! Very Happy
Elysse Baumbach, Fri Dec 05, 08 8:11 pm Post

I have been WAITING for this! ^_^ SO exciting, let me tell you!
AmbahVV, Fri Dec 05, 08 9:43 pm Post

Love it! Just submitted my first order!! Mr. Green
Emilie C., Fri Dec 05, 08 11:14 pm Post

Yay! I just placed an order. Very Happy I've been waiting for this!!!
Colette, Fri Dec 05, 08 11:27 pm Post

Looks great! I just ordered. Smile
Catherine Wagner, Fri Dec 12, 08 2:48 pm Post
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