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Camden Spiller "Generations" Radio Interview

Wed Aug 27, 08 7:48 am

The daily radio program Generations with Kevin Swanson has been on the air since 2003, broadcasting from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Inspired by the Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer, especially his philosophy of the loneliness of modern man and the insufficiency of human wisdom outside the transcendent truth of God, the vision of Generations is to "present life from the perspective of a biblical worldview and within the framework of a relational model of living. Worldview and relationships."

The host, Kevin Swanson, was raised and homeschooled by his parents on the Japanese mission field in the 1960's and 70's. He and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Kevin has 35 years of experience in the homeschooling movement and has served as Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado for the last seven years.

On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, Kevin Swanson interviewed Camden Spiller, Founder and Administrator of Homeschool ALUMNI, to discuss some of the advantages, challenges, and potential achievements facing homeschool graduates today.

You can listen directly to the broadcast here, or view their entire list of recent broadcasts, including Camden Spiller's interview on August 13 here.

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Very well done. Smile

I wonder who's wedding you two were at when you met for the first time! Mr. Green Wink Very Happy
Meghan M., Wed Aug 27, 08 10:02 am Post

Top notch! Excellent interview! Cool
Israel Wayne (OFC), Wed Aug 27, 08 4:07 pm Post

Nicely done, Camden! You're a terrific communicator. What a great opportunity the Lord gave you here! Very Happy
Emilie C., Wed Aug 27, 08 4:18 pm Post

Awesome interview!! Thanks so much for being such a great face for homeschool graduates Camden! I really appreciate all your hard work.
Autumn, Thu Aug 28, 08 12:43 am Post

What! You were in Colorado and you didn't stop by??!! lol *is miffed* Smile Great job, Camden!
GoodgirlAllison, Fri Aug 29, 08 4:05 pm Post

That is great Camden!
Mercy Hope (OFC), Sun Aug 31, 08 3:23 pm Post
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