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T-Shirt Contest Winners

Tue Jul 22, 08 4:07 pm

The results of the HSA T-shirt are in! We would like to heartily congratulate:

Daniel Hagen, with his winning "Our Roots Run Deep" design, and Angela Covington, with her winning "Definition" design!

These HSA T-shirts will be featured in the brand new HSA Store. Congratulations again to the winners of the first HSA T-shirt contest! Very Happy

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Love the shirts!! Congrats to the designers!! Very Happy
gone, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:11 pm Post

I like them both. Very Happy
Amber the twin, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:12 pm Post

Congrats Angela! And Daniel, but I don't know you! lol I look forward to wearing the shirts.
John Scott, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:17 pm Post

I like mine better. Razz But I also know what the front of mine looks like. Razz I really like them both. I'm going to have to get Daniel's too. Smile

Edit: I just found out that I didn't really know what the front of mine looks like. Confused
Angela the twin, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:20 pm Post

Cool! Congratulations! Very Happy Can we see closeups soon? Wink
Lindsay, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:24 pm Post

Angela, your shirt looks awesome! Very cool job!

And I'm sure the other entries were awesome too!

I just wish mine were shown a little more realistically instead of photoshopped. Wink Guess we'll just wait and see! Very Happy

And John... You don't KNOW me?! Sad Crying or Very sad Laughing Razz
Daniel, Tue Jul 22, 08 4:37 pm Post

Sweet! Congratulations, Daniel and Angela! And yeah, I want to see closeups, too. Cool
Karin, Tue Jul 22, 08 5:43 pm Post

Since the shirts are still being printed, a mock-up Photoshopped version is all we have for now, Daniel. Wink I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing, too - both of you guys came up with great designs!

Lindsay, I'm sure we'll have closeups of the designs online after the Reunion, once the online store opens...for now, we're leaving room for a bit of suspense for those who will see the shirts at the Reunion for the first time. Smile
Princess Abi, Tue Jul 22, 08 6:04 pm Post

I figured that was the deal, Abigail, but I still laugh at the fading of the black boarder... Wink Very Happy
Daniel, Tue Jul 22, 08 6:10 pm Post

Looks neat. Smile
Andrew Plett, Tue Jul 22, 08 6:25 pm Post
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