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HSA Store Grand Opening at Reunion

Fri Jul 18, 08 6:50 am

The grand opening of the HSA Store will be at the Entrepreneurs Exposition at the 2008 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion!

The HSA Store will feature T-shirts (including the two winning designs of the recent contest!), bumper stickers, window clings, sticky notes, mouse pads, and pens.

Itís a great way to support, and will soon be available online, too! Check it out! Very Happy

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Coolness! I remember talking about this 2-3 years ago; it's neat to have it finally here!
Andrew Plett, Fri Jul 18, 08 9:32 am Post

HSA sticky notes??!! My co-workers are going to LOVE me Very Happy
GoodgirlAllison, Fri Jul 18, 08 4:28 pm Post

Heather Belle 5GC, Fri Jul 18, 08 7:44 pm Post

Very, very cool! Smile
Liz Hannah, Fri Jul 18, 08 11:35 pm Post

I'm glad this is happening!! You guys are so cool!!! Very Happy
sage, Sun Jul 20, 08 11:57 am Post

I have purchased from the store. And lo, it is AWESOME!
BenGardner, Thu Aug 07, 08 7:58 am Post
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