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T-Shirt Design Contest!

Fri Jun 27, 08 8:30 am

Very soon Homeschool ALUMNI will have an online store where you will be able to find official Homeschool ALUMNI merchandise!

Do you have outstanding design/creative skills? Show your support for Homeschool ALUMNI by designing a new t-shirt for the HSA Store! Show us what makes you proud to be a Homeschool Graduate!

We want to be printing your t-shirt design in about 2 weeks so that we can announce your winning entries and show them off at the National Reunion - so get those sketchpads out right away!

All designs must be submitted no later than July 7th, 2008, midnight central time.

Two designs will be chosen from those entered and the winner(s) will receive $50 per winning entry and, of course, a free t-shirt featuring your winning design!

There are some rules and details you'll need to know before you get started so please email: rwith subject line "HSA Store T-Shirt Design Contest: Need details." Include your name and email address when you write. This contest is open to all Alumni Network members.

(The popular "Got Socialization?" t-shirt, along with your winning design will be available for purchase in the HSA store!)

The first place where you'll be able to see Homeschool ALUMNI's merchandise is at the National Reunion... and there's still a little time to left register, but register quickly space is filling up!

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Wow, that's not much time! Shocked :starts scribbling:
Lady Rebecca, Fri Jun 27, 08 11:31 am Post

How and where do we submit our ideas? How many are we allowed to submit?
Joanna Marie, Thu Jul 03, 08 8:17 am Post

We've extended the deadline for entry submissions to midnight of July 14, 2008. Have fun with the contest, everyone! Wink
Emilie C., Sat Jul 05, 08 1:25 pm Post

Wow this looks awesome! I'd love details but my computer for some reason will not let me write to the above e-mail. Is there anyway I can get the information sent to
Debra, Tue Jul 08, 08 8:35 am Post

I just sent you the information you need, Debra! Very Happy
Emilie C., Thu Jul 10, 08 7:06 am Post

I just saw this. I guess its too late now? I hope there will be more contests of this nature down the road.
timothy, Fri Jul 18, 08 8:02 pm Post
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