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Elysse Barrett joins Admin Committee

Thu Apr 17, 08 2:21 am

I know many of you already know Elysse Barrett, but I am pleased to announce that we have asked her to join the Homeschool ALUMNI Administrative Committee this year!

As I (Riley here) have sought to balance my schedule and the demands on my time, and after visiting with Heather and Camden earlier this year, we decided to ask Elysse Barrett to take my seat on the Admin Committee for the remainder of 2008 as balance my schedule and focus on some personal projects.

I'll still be here continuing my work with National Reunion Committee and a couple other behind the scenes responsibilities, but I am really excited that Elysse has accepted this position and I know she will be able to give it the focus and energy that it deserves. The demands on the Administrative Committee members are significant, but as the director of the 2008 National Reunion Committee, she has been working closely with Camden, myself, and Heather for quite some time now, and I am entirely confident not only in her abilities but also in her commitment to the community and our mission.

Please join me in welcoming Elysse to this new position!

- Riley Spiller

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Finally! Rid of that Riley dude. Wink KIDDING, man...

That's great, Elysse. Smile I hope you don't get to stressed in this new position for you. Smile
Daniel, Thu Apr 17, 08 10:01 am Post

Elysse: hope you still have time for lil ol' me... Wink

Riley: all the best to you!
Mercy Hope (OFC), Thu Apr 17, 08 8:52 pm Post

Great to have you on the team Elysse!
Camden Spiller, Fri Apr 18, 08 5:08 pm Post
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