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Top 5 States: Colorado Reaches #5 Position

Tue Apr 01, 08 6:18 pm

As of April 1, 2008, the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations are in the following states:

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following: Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

Colorado (#5) triumphs once more in achieving the #5 position, but is their place secure? Illinois (#6) has 114 members in hot pursuit, breathing on the necks of Colorado's (#5) 115 members! With 131 members, Oregon (#4) seems comfortably established in the #4 position with a healthy 16-member lead on Colorado (#5).

It is exciting to note that Texas (#3), with 205 members, could overtake California (#2), with 209 members, with the recruitment of only 5 more graduates. This is the first time that California's (#2) position has been challenged. Furthermore, Ohio (#9) with 99 members and Washington (#10) with 93 members need only 1 and 7 more graduates, respectively, to reach the enviable achievement of joining the few states who can boast 100+ members.

The Gold Medal for greatest increase in alumni members is awarded to Missouri (#1) with an increase of 21 additional graduates from March 3 to April 1. Oregon (#4) wins the Silver Medal with an increase of 17 additional graduates, and Texas (#3) goes home with the Bronze Medal with an increase of 14 additional graduates.

No doubt this month's recruitment award results are influenced by graduates becoming disillusioned with Hawaii (or just disillusioned with Josh Van Vleet and his failed promises of monetary remuneration) and returning to their native states.

Check back next month to see if Illinois (#6) will exert the last extra effort to close the tiny gap between itself and Colorado (#5), earning a place in the Top 5. Who will win the Gold Medal for most graduates recruited in the month of April? And will the remaining scores of vacationing HSA Hawaiians ever return to their original states and stop messing up the numbers for the longsuffering Top 5 States reporter? Wink

Check back for all these answers and more in next month's Top Five Report. Until then, go tell the homeschool graduates in your area about HSA. We hope to see your state next in the Top 5! Cool

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Come on, Texans! We need to do some recruitin' work! Mr. Green
Lindsay, Tue Apr 01, 08 7:11 pm Post

Woohoo! Oregon beat Colorado! Very Happy Very Happy Mr. Green
Charlyn, Tue Apr 01, 08 8:01 pm Post

My sweet little Colorado.... Laughing Razz
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Tue Apr 01, 08 8:46 pm Post

Good ol California..right up there at the top.
Timothy Youngs, Wed Apr 02, 08 8:49 pm Post

GoodgirlAllison, Fri Apr 04, 08 8:13 pm Post

Wow... Texas keeps climbing! And Missouri... geez... it's gonna break 400 pretty quickly at this rate!
Camden Spiller, Mon Apr 07, 08 1:22 pm Post

I hereby wage war on Amber VV. Arkansas and Michigan are in a tie with 82 members each. The South WILL rise again! Very Happy
Johnny, Thu Apr 24, 08 5:46 pm Post
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