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Top 5 States: Tsunami of Hawaiian Recruits!

Mon Mar 03, 08 8:06 pm

As of March 3, 2008, the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations are in the following states:

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following: Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

HSA has seen a breathtaking and unexpected turn of events in the Top 5 States report! Though last month Hawaii (#4) was the decided underdog with only 2 graduates, this month Hawaii (#4) has jumped to the #4 position with no warning! HSA is very excited to welcome so many Hawaiian homeschool graduates.

What can explain this sudden surge in membership from one of the least likely states, as dramatic as any eruption of Hawaii's famous volcanoes, you ask? Only one possible name came to our minds...Josh Van Vleet. HSA's Top 5 States' crack investigative team easily verified his masterminding of this monumental campaign.

Josh Van Vleet has proven his almost fanatical devotion to not only by traveling tirelessly throughout the Hawaiian islands, shouting the news from milk crates on street corners in an ever-hoarser voice, but also by offering a $100 bonus out of his own pocket to each and every Hawaiian HSAer! That's right...if you haven't heard, and you've got a Hawaiian zip code on your HSA profile, you are eligible for Josh Van Vleet's amazing offer. Contact him via his PM box here to collect your sign-up bonus! Very Happy

Due to this historic contribution to HSA, Josh Van Vleet will receive the enviable "HSA Recruiter Of the Year" T-shirt, including a lifetime supply of pinko and pickles.

In other news, Oregon (#5), with 114 members, has soared past its old adversary, Colorado (#7), with 109 members. Still, being only 5 graduates behind, Colorado (#7) has a good chance at entering the Top 5 next month, as do the nail-bitingly close Illinois (#6) with 110 members and Tennessee (#8 ) with 108 members. Will any of these three states earn the few graduates necessary to climb past Oregon (#5) and establish their foothold in the Top 5? Anything is possible...right, Josh? Cool

Next month...will Josh Van Vleet make good on his pledged bonuses, or will he weasel out on his promises and cause the 100+ recruits of Hawaii (#4) to leave en masse, in protest? Will Illinois (#6), Colorado (#7), or Tennessee (#8 ) successfully scramble for the coveted #5 position? Who will win the Gold Medal for most graduates recruited in the month of March?

Check back for all these answers and more in next month's Top Five Report. Until then, go tell the homeschool graduates in your area about HSA. We hope to see your state next in the Top 5! Cool

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Oh, well, if the address is all that's wrong, I'd be happy to send you my correct zip code. Now, when will I get the $100? Very Happy
Lindsay, Mon Mar 03, 08 11:54 pm Post

Woah... luah LOL! You guys are hilarious! (and somewhat nefarious! Wink)

I love reading your reports Emilie! I got a few stares and almost fell out my chair laughing as I read this!
Camden Spiller, Tue Mar 04, 08 1:29 am Post

Hey Josh, don't send mine in the mail. I'll pick it up in person. Cuts down on the confusion of which zip code to use. Wink Laughing
Kerry Haney OFC, Tue Mar 04, 08 7:57 am Post

oh goodie... $100 will help me get to the reunion for sure... hey Josh I didn't get mine, but I know you have my address Twisted Evil and I know approximately where you live Twisted Evil haa ha! Razz Laughing hey it's snowing in HI today Razz
Linnae, Tue Mar 04, 08 9:01 am Post

lol... this is hilarious, if I'd known about the $100 bonus, I may have moved to Hawaii last month... oh, well. Wink
Ingrid, Tue Mar 04, 08 10:43 am Post

Oh goody!! I can always do with $100! Laughing
Rachel, Tue Mar 04, 08 1:39 pm Post

lol! loved the report Very Happy (isn't the Haiwai -sp- abbriviation HA?)
Rebekah Skiles, Tue Mar 04, 08 6:08 pm Post

Wow?! $100?! Now what on EARTH would I do with $100? Hmmm... *drumming fingers in deep thought* OK, honestly, I simply cannot drag myself away from this peaceful beach with the waves lapping just a few feet away and the warm sand between my toes... So what's the point in having $100 if you're not willing to GO SOMEWHERE to spend it? Nope, I simply have no use for $100 here. Send it to my sisters for their HSA reunion fund Very Happy

Thanks, Josh, for the opportunity to "LIVE" in Hawaii. It's been wonderful! Can I just stay here and keep drinking coconut milk and snacking on fresh pineapple?
robearsgirl, Tue Mar 04, 08 9:52 pm Post

I can finally pack up and move back to MN. It was great being with you all in Hawaii!! Cool
Chantal, Thu Mar 06, 08 9:18 am Post

This has had me rolling in (much needed) laughter, THANKS JOSH! By the way, you can donate my $100 to HSA Cool Haha, I think you going to be broke, I suppose though technically, if those who you recruited move so quickly to another state Wink would have violated their "contract" with you and thus you are no longer held to your end of the "contract" either! Laughing thanks!!!
Sarah, Fri Mar 07, 08 8:23 pm Post
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