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Job Network open for business

Mon Feb 18, 08 10:39 pm

We're very pleased to announce the official launch of the Homeschool ALUMNI Job Network.

Over a dozen employers registered during the pre-launch, and we're looking forward to bringing them each online in the coming days.

If you're looking for employment - or know someone who is - be sure to check out the Job Network for a listing of available opportunities:

If you are an employer who would like to use this service free of charge, you can register here:

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I posted this in the suggestions/complaints forum...
The link to the No Greater Joy Ministries' website should be
Colette, Tue Feb 19, 08 7:33 pm Post

Hmm... I guess they already fixed it... It was ".org" everywhere I saw it.
Camden Spiller, Tue Feb 19, 08 9:11 pm Post

I'm so excited to see this, guys!
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Wed Feb 20, 08 12:14 am Post
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