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Top 5 States: Colorado Places In The Top 5!

Tue Jan 01, 08 7:43 pm

As of January 1, 2008, the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations are in the following states:

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following: Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

Last month, all eyes were on Oregon (#6) and Tennessee (#7) as their clamber for the top 5 position hovered in a tie. This month, with a sudden surge in membership, Colorado (#5) has catapulted over two states from the #7 to #5 spot, surpassing both Oregon (#6) and Tennessee (#7)! However, this story is far from over. Oregon (#6) could dart ahead of Colorado (#5) and gain the number 5 spot with a recruitment of merely 3 more graduates.

As a result of this scramble, Oregon (#6), Tennessee (#7), and Colorado (#5) have all attained 100+ members. Until now, only Missouri (#1), California (#2), Texas (#3) and Illinois (#4) achieved this distinction.

For the second consecutive month, the Gold Medal for greatest increase in HSA members is awarded to Texas (#3) with an increase of 13 additional graduates from December 1 to January 1. Colorado (#5) and Indiana (#14) are tied for the Silver Medal with an increase of 10 additional graduates, and Ohio (#8 ) and Wisconsin (#16) are tied for the Bronze Medal with an increase of 8 graduates each.

Check back next month to see if Oregon (#6) will overtake its new challenger, Colorado (#5), in the sprint for the number 5 spot! Will Tennessee (#7) make a surprise comeback? Who will win the Gold Medal for most graduates recruited in the month of December?

Check back for all these answers and more in next month's Top Five Report. Until then, go tell the homeschool graduates in your area about HSA. We hope to see your state next in the Top 5! Cool

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Arr...Oregon needs to take over! :plots ways to recruit:
Twisted Evil
Andrew Plett, Tue Jan 01, 08 8:27 pm Post

Hummm.... we are going to have to do something about that! Oregon must remain in the top 5!!!!!
Another Amber, Tue Jan 01, 08 8:51 pm Post

Oklahoma isn't even mentioned... *snif snif*
John Scott, Tue Jan 01, 08 9:37 pm Post

*comes through whistling loudly*

We did it!!!!!!! Cool
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Tue Jan 01, 08 9:39 pm Post

Very interesting.

Gabe and I were trying to figure out how to get our state in the top ten. Gabe came up with a simple solution -we'll just move to Colorado and make that our state. Razz
Odin, Wed Jan 02, 08 12:00 am Post

Wow... way to go Texas!

Geez... my poor beloved South Carolina. 29th place... I gotta get on the ball out there...
Camden Spiller, Wed Jan 02, 08 12:22 pm Post

Kimster, I think that's a fabulous idea. Laughing
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Thu Jan 03, 08 12:51 am Post

GoodgirlAllison, Fri Jan 04, 08 8:06 pm Post

Arg! And Oregon was #5 for most of the month too! I knew someone would mess it up. One of these days we will take over Twisted Evil
*wanders off making list of people to bring to HSA at the very end of next month*
Charlyn, Sat Jan 05, 08 1:26 am Post

Geez... one more week left in the month and CO and OR are tied again Rolling Eyes Hahaha
Camden Spiller, Tue Jan 22, 08 4:45 pm Post
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