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Call in for HSAIRís New Yearís Show!

Sat Dec 15, 07 6:20 pm

Now is your opportunity to share your New Yearís greeting with all your friends on HSA! For a limited time only, HSAIR will be accepting your call-ins for the HSAIR New Yearís show, which will broadcast December 31st, 2007!

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, just call HSAIRís CallWave Voice Mail number: (775)330-5475 before December 22nd and leave your New Yearís Greeting for everyone on HSA!

But remember, you have a 30-second limit per message and a one-message limit per person. If you mess up, donít worry. Just hang up and try again. In the event of a voice mail overflow, HSAIRís editors may need to be selective on which voice mails get featured on the show.

Also, donít forget to remind your friends to call in before itís too late or theyíll miss their chance to be a part of HSAIR!

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ooh, fun, another call-in show. Very Happy
Lindsay, Sun Dec 16, 07 12:03 am Post

Call-in shows are so fun! It's cool hearing everybody's voices. Very Happy
Emilie C., Sun Dec 16, 07 12:23 am Post

The phone # isn't working for me... says it is wrong. Do I need to do something special? Is it working for everyone else?
GoodgirlAllison, Sun Dec 16, 07 8:55 pm Post

^ Ah, there was a typo. The correct call-in number is (775) 330-5475!
Emilie C., Sun Dec 16, 07 11:34 pm Post

Oops! Surprised Thanks for catching that Emilie! Smile
JoshVV, Mon Dec 17, 07 8:42 am Post

Nuts! I'm too late! Confused
Davids Bride, Tue Dec 25, 07 8:44 pm Post
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