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Special Announcement from HSAIR!

Mon Dec 03, 07 7:57 pm

Coming December 15th, 2007:

The HSAIR "Merry Christmas" Show!

Hosted by Emilie C.

In this edition of HSAIR, we'll have some of our usual features with a festive twist and a very special Christmas story brought to you by Eric Van Vleet and Jared Poch!

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Hehehe....Twisted Evil You guys are going to like this ^^^^ "Christmas" story.

*gloats in being in the know*

*evil guttural laugh* HA HA HA!

AmbahVV, Tue Dec 04, 07 8:04 am Post

I have news for y'all. IT'S DEC 15!! come to think of it, IT'S HALFWAY THROUGH DEC 15! Razz Laughing **is waiting ever so patiently** <insert angelic smiley> Mr. Green
Linnae, Sat Dec 15, 07 12:17 pm Post
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