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HSA Abroad: Hello from Cavendish!!

Sat Sep 15, 07 5:06 pm

Greetings from Cavendish, PEI!! We've safely arrived on the north shore of PEI and are having a blast. Below are some pictures from our adventures of the last few days. We have many more that will be making their way online in the near future. Smile

Rockport, Maine

Reversing Falls, St. John, New Bruinswick

Reversing Falls, St. John, New Brunswick

Reversing Falls, St. John, New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy, St. John, New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy, St. John, New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy, St. John, New Brunswick

Magnetic Hill, St. John, New Brunswick

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The pictures are beautiful! Very Happy
Emilie C., Sat Sep 15, 07 5:55 pm Post

Wow - amazing Shocked
Camille, Sat Sep 15, 07 6:46 pm Post

Thanks for the pictures, there gorgeous!
Amy, Sat Sep 15, 07 6:48 pm Post

Is it just me or does the fifth picture from the top look like two black bears trying to climb a tree?
Israel Wayne (OFC), Sat Sep 15, 07 8:38 pm Post

Beautiful! Wish I was there. Smile
Jenny (ShoeGirl), Sat Sep 15, 07 9:32 pm Post

You should bring back souvenirs for us all. Mr. Green
EricVV, Sun Sep 16, 07 8:50 am Post

Lovely! Thanks for posting Very Happy More pictures of the folks on the trip, pretty please!
bye, Sun Sep 16, 07 9:00 am Post

Fun pictures! Now I want to see some people. Cool
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Sun Sep 16, 07 2:59 pm Post

Woah! Israel! I thought the exact same thing before I saw your comment - no lie. We should go watch clouds sometime.

We can't wait to hear all your stories ladies!! Be safe in your travels!
Camden Spiller, Sun Sep 16, 07 11:38 pm Post
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