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HSA Abroad: Report from the road to Prince Edward Island

Thu Sep 13, 07 10:40 pm

I briefly talked to the gals on the Prince Edward Island trip last night and it sounds like their adventure is off to a good start!

I think they're going to have Internet tomorrow so hopefully they'll have some pics to share with everyone.

They're having a great time out there, but let's continue to keep 'em in prayer for travel safety, good fellowship, and beautiful weather!

- Camden

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Oh wow!! I didn't realize that came up so soon... I wish I was there Sad

Glad to hear it's going well, though! Can't wait to see pictures Very Happy
Camille, Fri Sep 14, 07 1:08 pm Post

I can't wait to see the pictures, too! How exciting. I hope everyone is having a lovely trip, just enjoying each other and the beautiful surroundings of PEI. Cool
Emilie C., Fri Sep 14, 07 5:17 pm Post
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