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Top 5 States: Oregon makes #5!

Wed Sep 05, 07 6:24 am

As of September 1, 2007 the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations are in the following states:

The coveted #5 spot formerly belonged to Tennessee, but Oregon overtook the position with a a single new member lead. Currently, Oregon boasts 86 members and Tennessee follows with 85.

With 80 members, Colorado (currently #7) also has a chance at earning its place on the top five with an increase of just 6 more graduates. Spread the word, Coloradoans!

There are several ties between states this month.

Next month...who will break out of the ties? Who will enter the top 5? Will Missouri (#1) continue to lead with more than double the graduates as the #2 state, California? Will Texas (#3) gain just 27 more graduates to pass California (#2) in the running?

Check back for all these answers and more in next months Top Five Report. Until then, go tell the homeschool graduates in your area about HSA (and remind them to enter their zip codes when registering). We hope to see your state next in the top 5! Cool

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following: Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

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Wow there are a lot of us out there now aren't there! Smile I know there are a lot in Indiana though, so I am surprised we haven't placed. I guess hoosiers don't know about this great site because there were close to a hundred graduates in the State wide ceremony when I graduated clear back in 1999!
Amy Bridgewater, Tue Sep 11, 07 12:00 pm Post
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