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Fri Aug 24, 07 9:37 am

We're officially launching the Shop4HSA program starting today!!

Shop4HSA is a no-cost-to-you way to financially support the work of Homeschool ALUMNI. Next time you're going to buy something (anything) online, stop by first and click on the link to the store you want. When you make a purchase on that site, the retailer will send a small referral commission (1 - 15% back to Homeschool ALUMNI). Think of it like dropping spare change into to a coin jar. It's a small amount, but with each purchase it adds up!

Creating a long-term sustainable financial structure is important Homeschool ALUMNI's continued growth and service expansion, so we really appreciate your support in using this whenever you shop online.

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Cool Very Happy Now I'll have to buy something. Razz Can we suggest other places if we think of them?

P.S. the Christian Book link doesn't work.
Amber the twin, Fri Aug 24, 07 9:46 am Post

I've been looking forward to this program. Cool It's very exciting to see that it's launched. Whoo hoo! Very Happy
Emilie C., Fri Aug 24, 07 11:07 am Post

Awesome!! I have a purchase to make at Amazon this week so I can't wait to give this feature a try. Cool
Sarah S., Fri Aug 24, 07 11:43 am Post

::claps:: YAY! Looking forward to being able to use this program!
Elysse Baumbach, Fri Aug 24, 07 12:28 pm Post

WAYCOOL!!!!! Great idea!
Raquelle 6GC, Fri Aug 24, 07 12:31 pm Post

Awesome!! I was going to buy something from Amazon this week anyway. I'll bookmark this page under my shopping heading.
Heather Belle 5GC, Fri Aug 24, 07 12:39 pm Post

Schweet! Very Happy
Liz Hannah, Fri Aug 24, 07 4:11 pm Post
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