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'07 National Reunion Desktop Backgrounds

Sat Aug 18, 07 7:00 pm

'07 National Reunion wallpaper for your computer desktop is now available for download!

Thanks to HSA's Lead Graphic Designer, Abigail Paul, for putting these together!


To use on Microsoft Windows:
Click on one of the above links, then right click on the image. Choose "set as wallpaper" -- your desktop will now be filled with all the smiling faces from the National Reunion. Very Happy

To use on a Mac:
(Could someone with a mac send us some instructions? Thanks! Wink)

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Awesome -- I just set it as my wallpaper!
Elysse Baumbach, Sat Aug 18, 07 8:11 pm Post

Now this is just fab, you guys! Thanks a ton. Smile
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Sat Aug 18, 07 8:26 pm Post

Beautiful work, Abigail! I set it as my wallpaper, too. Very Happy
Emilie C., Sun Aug 19, 07 8:11 am Post

That is pretty sweet. Very Happy
Liz Hannah, Sun Aug 19, 07 11:03 pm Post

Way cool! Very Happy
Lady Rebecca, Mon Aug 20, 07 8:36 am Post

It is the same for a mac.
jcburnett, Tue Aug 21, 07 9:33 am Post
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