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Job Network - Coming Soon!

Wed Jun 06, 07 10:58 pm

We're very excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Homeschool ALUMNI Job Network.

Homeschool graduates are sought out and recruited by companies the world over and many motivated graduates are seeking employment opportunities, or have business of their own for which they are looking to recruit other homeschool graduates, - but until now, there hasn't been a place for them to connect.

The Homeschool ALUMNI Job Network connects homeschool graduates with potential employers with employees.

If you're an employer or a homeschool graduate looking for a job, stay tuned, and keep an eye out for more exciting news as we prepare to launch this new service.

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How neat! I'll be interested to see this. HSA just keeps getting better. Very Happy
Emilie C., Thu Jun 07, 07 8:20 am Post

Wow! What an awesome idea!!! Very Happy
Susie WCIL, Thu Jun 07, 07 9:56 am Post

Camden, this is incredible!!! What a vision you have going...
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Thu Jun 07, 07 5:34 pm Post

Finally got this one rolling out, huh? Smile

Next best thing to nepotism... Wink
Daniel, Fri Jun 08, 07 7:31 pm Post

I like seeing us Homeschoolers Creating a World of our own
Tony, Sun Jun 10, 07 1:57 pm Post

James, Wed Jun 13, 07 7:45 pm Post

Wow, what a great idea!
bye, Fri Jun 15, 07 12:32 pm Post

Excellent! Hey- if anybody needs an artist, I'm here!!! Smile
Shannon Wedge, Thu Jun 28, 07 11:29 pm Post

Cool! This coming summer (2008) I will need a job!!
cecillia, Sun Jul 01, 07 6:43 pm Post
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