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Post Convention Update

Mon May 07, 07 9:35 pm

On April 27th and 28th, 2007, Homeschool ALUMNI made its debut at the MassHOPE convention in Worcester, Massachusetts. We were privileged to be among the 100+ vendors making an appearance. Some 3500+ homeschoolers descended upon the DCU Center for two full days of inspirational workshops, speakers, and great fellowship. Our booth space was in the lobby, so we had a chance to see (and they us!) many of the attendees as they passed by on their way to workshops. Smile On Friday, Camden presented a 45 minute workshop, entitled, “What’s next for Homeschool Graduates?” He shared some of the history of Homeschool ALUMNI, our vision, current events, and goals for the future in an outstanding presentation, complete with slides and even a short video. Since there were a lot of other things going on at the same time, we had a small, but very interactive crowd. We had the opportunity to talk with a number of folks and several of them have already joined the ALUMNI network. Welcome!

In our conversations with folks, it was confirmed that many have been looking for the type of community that the Lord has built through Homeschool ALUMNI. God’s hand of provision and direction has been manifested through many, and we trust that He will continue to be glorified through the work to which He has called us.

Special thanks to our on site technical crew, those who helped with pre-event preparation, Nellie Smith and her dad for the signs, and to those who prayed for us during the event – each one of you is very much appreciated!

We had a faithful picture taking crew throughout the weekend…here are a few shots.

Pvt.CO and Jay

The booth

Some of the HSA crew that attended: Camden, Heather L.,Jay,Samwise,Pvt.CO

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Cool! Cool
Lady Rebecca, Mon May 07, 07 11:02 pm Post

Awesome! I love the display.
Emerson Spiller, Mon May 07, 07 11:33 pm Post

Glad to hear this event was such a success! That's a very sharp-looking booth, by the way...nice job. Very Happy
Emilie C., Tue May 08, 07 6:20 am Post

:wishes she could look at the display up close:

Very nice!
Sarah Gale, Tue May 08, 07 1:53 pm Post

Cool booth. Very Happy Looks like fun. Very Happy
Amber the twin, Tue May 08, 07 3:08 pm Post

awesome Smile +1 to the sweet booth setup
Ethan Demme, Tue May 08, 07 6:20 pm Post

Nice!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there. Very professional booth...BTW, I love the ol' tags(I have worn them before. How cool. Cool )
AlysonB, Tue May 08, 07 7:44 pm Post
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