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National Reunion... early registration opens tomorrow!

Sat May 05, 07 7:13 pm

Early registration for the National Reunion will open tomorrow night!

Keep an eye on this blog for the official announcement!

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Yay, I can't wait. Very Happy Who will be the first to register??? Should we have a race?
Amber the twin, Sun May 06, 07 6:14 pm Post

ooh, ooh! I can't wait! I'm tired of not being able to tell anyone where it is going to be. Wink
Angela the twin, Sun May 06, 07 6:15 pm Post

*pulls up lawn chair and sleeping bag to wait all night for the early registration to open up in the morning*

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Emilie C., Sun May 06, 07 8:45 pm Post
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