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National Reunion... early registration opening soon!

Fri May 04, 07 11:55 pm

Stay tuned for announcement with a bunch more reunion details and the opening of early registration!!!

It's coming... Wink

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Lameness to post like that! Razz
Can't wait for the details to come forth. Very Happy
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Sat May 05, 07 12:03 am Post

If we have people sitting on the edge of their seats,the announcement means even more when it does come. Laughing Stay tuned for that exciting announcement...Wink
Heather L., Sat May 05, 07 12:13 am Post

Muhahaha! I have to admit that I was taunting a bit there Micala Wink
Camden Spiller, Sat May 05, 07 9:53 am Post

You guys...the suspense is awful! Laughing If the intent of this post was to get people to sit on the edge of their computer chairs with their fingers poised to click on registration the second it opens....well, it worked on me. Wink

Can't wait! Very Happy
Emilie C., Sat May 05, 07 10:32 am Post

Can't wait for details!!! Very Happy
melissa, Sun May 06, 07 11:25 am Post
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