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It was a blast! Reunion Group Photo + Acknowledgments

Sat Aug 13, 11 10:21 pm

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We give you... the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion Group Photo!! Thank you to Bradi Spiller, Riley Spiller and the Bonclarken Staff guy for capturing this awesome picture! (By the way, keep an eye out for the great big, official album of Reunion photos that's coming soon.)

This year's Reunion was... incredible! So in recognition of those who made it happen we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of this year's HSA Reunion Volunteers:

Reunion Host
Daniel Gardner

Voddie Baucham
Israel Wayne

Round Table Discussion Co-hosts
Camden Spiller & Mercy Hope

Talent Show Director
Mac Spiller

Registration Coordinator & Graphic Designer
Sarah Spiller

Communications Director
Hannah Georgeff

Transportation Coordinator
Leah Sargent

English Country Dance Host
Laura Plett

Interactive Audience Technology Director
Caleb Sturtevant

Audio & Stage Director
Joseph Sturtevant

Team Leaders
Bradi Spiller
Daniel Hernandez
Drew Boon
Emily Spiller
Israel Wayne
Jason Craig
Lizzy Stewart
Mary Kate Gygax
Nathan Skirvin
Noelle Magnell

Medical & Emergency Team
Allison Reilly
Tyson Bond

Registration & HSA Store Attendants
Amber Covington
Angela Covington
Beth Cardoza
Glory Savage

Stage Hands
Cory Warren
Daniel Hernandez
Mitch Warren
Peter Hernandez

Official Photographers + Folks Who Gave Us Their Photos
Amber Van Vleet
Angela Covington
Bradi Spiller
Daniel Gardner
Elizabeth Stewart
Hannah Georgeff
Natalie Roth
Riley Spiller

Beth Cardoza
Caleb Young
Hannah Cason
John Calvin Young
John Cook
Katie Allison
Laura Curran
Megan Kunkel
Olivia Fletcher
Roger Sisk
Sara Geny

Praise & Worship Team
Amy Burback (vocals)
Daniel Gardner (vocals & guitar)
Leah Sargent (violin)
Mac Spiller (vocals & guitar)
Megan Kunkel (piano)
Mercy Hope (vocals)

Talent Show Participants
Drew & Crew: Drew Boon, Amanda Howell, Amy Burback, Amylia Grace, & Elijah Lofgren
Leah Sargent
Rita Kopp & Emily Johnson
Travis Tyson
Anna Helgerson & Maghan Kunkel
Sarah Northrop
Amber & Angela Covington
Sheen Sisters & Co: Raquelle & Heather Sheen, Katie Allison, Mary Kate Gygax & Merrianna Mutton
Anna & Mary Warnke

Reunion Directors
Camden & Sarah Spiller

Thank YOU!! We had the best of times and hope you did too! Very Happy

Posted By: Hannah
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Reunion Schedule: See You Soon!!

Wed Jun 29, 11 9:20 am

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The Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion is TOMORROW!!

Which means it's time to point you to some cool information (that's actually been updated) from the Schedule page...

Registration and reception will begin at 4:30 PM on Thursday, June 30th and the closing ceremony will wrap up around noon on Sunday, July 3rd.

Also, keep an eye on the forums for volunteer-organized pre- and post-reunion events here.

See you soon!! Very Happy

Posted By: Hannah
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Flat Rock, NC: Local Attractions + Before & After Events

Thu Jun 23, 11 4:39 pm

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So! With the Reunion being just a few days are away, are you organizing your trip to Flat Rock, NC?

Because you should totally plan to come a day early to the Reunion or stay a few days late! Flat Rock, NC is close by numerous opportunities for hiking, rafting, rock climbing, and caving in the surrounding mountains as well as minutes from shopping, dining, museums, and parks

Here are some links for you (from the Local Attractions page) The Thomas Wolfe Home, The Pisgah National Forest, Chimney Rock State Park, The Biltmore Estate, The Carl Sandburg Home and Museum, Historic Blue Ridge Parkway, Flat Rock, Lake Lure, Caesar's Head State Park & Tablerock Sate Park.

Also! If you're hoping to spend even more time with other HSAers, be sure to check out the 2011 Reunion Forum for Before & After events.

Hope to see you around! Very Happy

(L-R) - The Biltmore Estate, Chimney Rock State Park, Historic Blue Ridge Parkway, Thomas Wolfe Home, Pisgah National Forest, Carl Sandburg Home and Museum

Posted By: Hannah
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Things to Pack... & Things to Leave

Tue Jun 21, 11 4:37 pm

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Don't worry, it's not quite time to pack just yet! Wink
But we wanted to let you all know in advance about a great little packing page on the main Reunion site...

    What should I bring?

    A Bible
    Personal toiletries
    Clothes (please see dress code)
    Bedding (sheets & blanket or a sleeping bag), Pillow and Towels*
    Photo ID
    Optional items you might consider:
    Musical Instruments
    Notebook / Journal

    * Linen and Towel sets are available for $15 if you forget or don't want to bring your own.

    What should I not bring?

    Explosive or projectile devices of any kind (including air-soft, paintball, slingshots, archery equipment, pneumatic or Co2 guns, etc.)
    Straight-blade/non-folding knives
    Weapons of any description
    Inappropriate material
    Illegal drugs

Posted By: Hannah
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Registration Closed Last Night + Update!

Wed Jun 15, 11 7:33 pm

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Hello there Reunion Attendees! Very Happy

Registration closed last night, so the official countdown to the actual Homeschool ALUMNI 2011 National Reunion beings NOW!

While we wait for the day to finally arrive we wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we've been up to... because we're finalizing details left and right over here!!

So far we put the final touches on the Reunion Autograph Book and then sent it off to be printed! This year we are printing the Scavenger Hunt inside. PLUS, each page has been completely custom designed!

We purchased a whole bunch of snazzy plastic bags in which to package the pile of loot ya'll will receive on the first day of the event! We don't want to spoil too many of the little surprises, but the bags will be color-coordinated to match the teams this year.

The official Reunion T-Shirts became a reality this passed week too! Can't wait to see what you guys think of the design! Until then though, the color is also a surprise! A lot of you have asked about that but I assure you it's not a strange color or odd design. Never fear, we've got style! Wink What color do you think it will be?

Registration was also organized! It's so great to see so many old and new names!! AND we're working on the outline for the Round Table Discussion! Or should we say, Camden's putting a lot of great work into it. He can't wait to share this with you guys at the Reunion!

This year's MC, Daniel, reminds us what to bring: ‎"Reunion checklist: √ toothbrush, √ camera, √ clean socks and √ medium-sized suitcase full of fun." And a tip from our ECD host, Laura: "Don't wear high heels, wear something that has grip & will stay on your feet."

Okay, that's all for now folks! Just 13 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes & 10 seconds left to go!! Very Happy

We simply can't wait to see you soon!! Woohoo!

Posted By: Hannah
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Registration closes in just 4 days!

Sat Jun 11, 11 10:31 am

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Did you know that Registration for the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion closes in just 4 days?

Well, now you do! So, if you want be there for the "fellowship, friendship, foodship and a whole bunch of other things" be sure to...

We're really looking forward to seeing YOU there!! Very Happy

Posted By: Hannah
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HSA Reunion Speaker: Dr. Voddie Baucham

Sun Jun 05, 11 4:04 pm

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Come hear Dr. Voddie Baucham speak at this year's Reunion! Click here to find out more about the speakers this year - we're really excited about who's coming to share with all of us!

Posted By: Hannah
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Guest Blog: How to Survive a National Reunion by Carrie

Thu Jun 02, 11 8:00 pm

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Our very own Carrie Nicki advises you on "How to Survive an HSA National Reunion":

    I am, sadly, not going to be able to attend the national reunion this year. However, I have attended three in the past. The vast wisdom I have accumulated over all those years of reunion attendance has qualified me to instruct all you less-educated HSAers about the best way to survive your first reunion experience.
    First of all. Go. It's an awesome experience, and you won't regret it. (actually, if you're an extreme introvert who absolutely hates hanging out with people, you might regret it, but if you are such an introvert, you probably wouldn't be considering going in the first place, so never mind.)

    I will list my tips in no particular order. Some are way more important than others. Some are only my personal opinion.

    #1. Hang out with your friends.

    This may seem obvious, but let me clarify a bit.
    There are usually over 200 people in attendance. And there are about 2 1/2 days. There is not enough time to have an in depth conversation with every single person. There will be people you will not meet, not hang out with, and not become life-time best friends with. However, there are doubtless people there that you already know, or would very much like to meet. Instead of spending your time trying to get to know everyone, seek out the people you want to hang out with. Trust me, I spent a reunion once trying to hang out with everyone and I ended up pretty much ignoring the very people I'd originally come to hang out with. Not fun.

    #2. Include new people.

    This is not a contradiction of my previous point.
    Yes, you should hang out with your friends. Yes you should make it a point to meet the people you really wanted to meet. But ya know what? There are people there who don't know anyone. And you just might make an awesome new friend with them. So make it a point to look for people who don't already have a gaggle of friends around them. Say hi to the people you sit at meals with. You don't have to be best friends with everyone, but don't ignore the people you don't know. I was that shy kid at the corner table, once, and I really appreciated the people who took the time to spend time with me. You don't have to hang out with everyone, but if everyone hangs out with someone, then no one will come away feeling like they made no new friends.

    #3. Sit at an empty table.

    One of the best ways to make new friends is to arrive at the meal early, at least once or twice, and sit at an empty table. See who comes to sit with you. More than likely, it will be people who don't have anyone else to sit with. Be sure to pick a centrally, or near-to-the-food placed table. If you pick a table in the corner, it's a good possibility that you'll be eating alone.

    #4. Don't miss the talent show.

    Seriously. You want to be there. It's a blast.

    #5. Go to the roundtable discussion.

    It's so much fun to hear people spouting their opinions. And be sure you stand up and give your own. It's fun. Unless you hate people looking at you. Then just vote with the nifty vote things they have. Those are cool, too.

    #6. Be a team.

    There are teams at the reunion (at least there always have been, so I'm assuming there still will be) So be a team with your team members. Get to know your team leaders... they're very friendly! There will be a time at the beginning of the reunion to hang out with your team exclusively, so take advantage of that time and do it! You'll not regret it.

    #7. Do the scavenger hunt.

    One of the perennial favorites of the reunion. Be sure to carry it with you (and a pen!) at all times, and don't forget to write your name at the top. Go up to strangers just standing around. Pull it out at meals and pass it around. It's a great conversation starter, and, chances are, once you pull out yours, everyone else will pull out theres, too.

    #8. Go to the sessions.

    They're pretty good, and the speakers always have good stuff to say. Do make an effort to be there.

    #9. Don't freak out if you miss the sessions.

    It's not like the whole reunion is ruined if you miss one. For example, I missed a couple sessions last year. One, because I was in the middle of a deep discussion with some friends, and one because I desperately needed a nap. Both reasons were good reasons, and I don't regret them.

    #10. Do not miss out on the late night chats.

    I can't speak for the guys dorms, here, but in the girls dorms, there's at least one night when all the girls get together for a 'tupperware' party. This name dates back a few reunions to when a girl said they were sitting around 'dishing' on their lives, and someone else thought we meant literal dishes "like tupperware!" as she put it. Anyway.
    So yeah, be sure you know when these late night, chocolate filled, gab infused, everyone-in-a-circle parties.

    #11. Know why you're there.

    This may seem odd to say, but seriously. Did you come because of the speaker? You'd better make it to his sessions, then. Maybe you're there because you want to have deep conversations with people? Make sure you prioritize, and make time for that, then. Are you there to dance? Better make it to the ECD and the swing dance events.

    #12. Go to the ECD.

    Really, you should go. Even if you don't dance. Plenty of people who don't dance, still go. Usually the non-dancers will congregate and play games or some such thing. And if you do dance, it's a must. Don't miss it. It's awesome fun.

    #13. Plan some free time.

    A lot of the reunion is scheduled, although there is also scheduled free time. Make sure you don't fill up all your free time with other activities, though. Leave time to just hang out with your friends, talk, walk, or do whatever.

    #14. Bring an instrument.

    Ok, if you don't play anything, you don't have to, but if you do play, be sure to bring it if you can. Plenty of jam sessions happen at the reunion and they're great fun. And if you don't play, or don't play well (like me) then be sure to look around and see if you can find a jam session to sit in on and listen to.

    #15. Optional sessions.

    Often, during the course of the reunion, there will be several things going on at the same time. A fun-sounding lecture at the same time as the swing dance. Ultimate frisbee during the optional discussion group. And of course, your personal set of friends may plan something. "Let's get together and practice our talent show skit!" or "Hey, we wanted to have that real-life discussion from our online forum discussion, lets do it at this time!" and you'll be in conflict.
    The important part about this is to prioritize. What do you most want to do? What are you most going to regret? Ultimate frisbee might be fun, but if you play it all the time at home, and you never get to swing dance, you might opt to do the swingdancing. Just make sure you don't try to do everything and wear yourself out.

    #16. Bring a camera.

    Don't forget your camera! You want to make sure you get plenty of pictures. Particularly for the end. You'll want a picture with all of your friends, old and new, and you don't want to have to hope that someone else is taking the pictures you want for you.

    #17. Your autograph book.

    Make sure you write your name at the top!!! Carry it with you all weekend, and be having people sign it. At least all day Saturday, since by then there will be plenty of memories to write about and remember later. Also, something fun to do is, don't read your autograph book until the trip home. That way you have stuff to laugh and smile about when you're starting to feel all sad and down in the dumps that your awesome weekend is over.

    #18. Get plenty of sleep.

    Just kidding!!

    #19. Have fun.

    Obviously. You're there to have fun, so whatever you end up spending most of your time on, do it for all your worth and make the most of the few days you're there. It will be a weekend full of awesome memories and awesome new friends, so enjoy what you do, don't regret what you missed out on, and have a blast!

    So, for all you other National Reunion Alumni (as opposed to Homeschool Alumni, which we all are) what are some tips and tricks to help a newbie have the best reunion of their lives? Very Happy

For more like this visit the page about What People Are Saying.

Posted By: Hannah
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HSA Reunion 2011 Shout-out from Daniel Gardner... to you!

Fri May 20, 11 10:12 am

Reunion Profile Banners: Generate Your Very Own

Tue May 17, 11 1:41 pm

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Are you attending the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion this summer? If so, would you like an oh-so cool Reunion Profile Banner for your profile?

Just click here and follow the steps to generate a Reunion Profile Banner with your very own photo!

Posted By: Hannah
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