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35, Philadelphia, PA

Posts: 1009
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 05 6:15 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

Tell us about your favorite professor during your college career (up until this point), what class(es) he/she taught, and why he/she is your favorite professor. Smile

I'll discuss mine in a little bit, but I've got to go check on dinner right now. Wink

Sean Trimble
39, Eagle River, Alaska

Posts: 19
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 05 3:51 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

After giving it some consideration, I would have to say my favorite prof so far has been my Torts/Evidence Prof. Rob Caprara. He is a practitioner through and through, and his extensive working knowledge of the subjects and ability to communicate clearly and simply the complicated points he is trying to make made him a good prof. Spending the time to research how the subject was tested on the FYLSX or Bar and coming up with a clear organized approach to attacking a question made him a better prof. Spending the (more) time that it took to really get to know the students and being willing to go grab a latte, or dinner with a student (along with a great sense of humor) made him a great Prof.

35, Philadelphia, PA

Posts: 1009
PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 05 9:09 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My favorite professor was Mr. Berry, professor of history, film, and theatre at St. Charles Community College. Smile Mr. Berry taught "Introduction to Cinema" my freshman year. I took it to fulfill my Fine Arts core requirement, but I ended up loving the class for its own sake as well.

Mr. Berry is very knowledgable, entertaining, and interesting. He directs theatre productions at SCCC. He got me hooked on classic films and he was very encouraging to me personally as a new college student. I ended up learning so much for the pure pleasure of it in his class.

Other favorite professors of mine include Ms. McCord, who taught me everything I ever wanted to know about MLA documentation in English 101, Mrs. Norris, American Literature professor who introduced me to some great authors, and Dr. White, professor of Criminology at University of Missouri-St. Louis, who took our class to the maximum-security, death-row prison in Potosi for a field trip. Razz We got to interview a panel of death-row inmates. It was pretty cool.

My favorite professor this semester is Dr. Siddali, who teaches my Civil War history class. She knows everything there is to know about that period in American history (I mean EVERYTHING) and she is the most friendly, outgoing, helpful, caring professor I've ever met.

michele ann
34, Fargo, North Dakota

Posts: 94
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 05 3:46 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

I'd have to say my favorite professor so far would be Mr.Dennis. He taught The Life and Times of Christ and made it soooo interesting! He taught us that when we read our Bibles, that we should put ourselves in their place and time and not only think about that passage, but about all the historical things surrounding it. It's made my personal Bible reading much more interesting. He was pretty cool too, cuz he would use different voices and act things out! He would read a passage then explain the different customs the Jews had, rulers, and events that were occuring that that exact same time, like the political happenings during Jesus' ministry.

32, Alabama

Posts: 69
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 05 10:59 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

A guy I'll call Mr. B. I have him now (er..for another 2 weeks anyway) in General Psychology. Unlike the vast majority of psychology professors, he's an evangelical christian leaves out alot of the stuff that would be controversial to a christian worldview. What I really like most about him though is that although he's fairly tough, he lets you know right up front what he expects from you, and then follows through with exactly what he says. He never tests on anything that's not clearly in the text. You'll work hard, but if you show up for class and study, you do great.

Rachel Davis
36, Kentucky

Posts: 59
PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 05 9:28 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My fav Can't decide between two.

1) Stacy McNeill. She's loud, she's gregarious, she wears gaudy jewelry. What's not to like? =) She's one of my speech professors. One of my favorite things about her is that she's completely A type---like me. Totally organized, sticks to the syllabus...LOVE that. Plus, she's fun, interesting and makes you really enjoy class.

2) Eric Bolger. Simply put, he's the most caring man I've ever met. I took my required upper-level Bible class with him and grew spiritually by leaps and bounds. He has this great way to combine unusual elements to help you learn. One of our text books was a novel, for one, and he brought in contemporary rock music videos to illustrate secular world views. Plus, he's the type of man who just loves people, and yearns to see them draw close to God.

37, Northern Virginia

Posts: 14
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 05 9:39 am Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My favorite professor by far would be Caprera. I guess its not real fair to the other profs, cause I know Prof. Caprera a lot better than any of the other professors, due to the fact that I've attended the homeschool convention in MA for quite some time, which Caprera is on the board of. He has a real down to earth perspective, great stories, and he's just great. lol.

and Sean, no, i did not read yours first. This was the choice i made when i saw your post on my little blogy thingy. Wink

Last edited by on Wed Dec 14, 05 12:29 pm; edited 1 time in total
Evan Pederson
39, New Hanover, IL

Posts: 4240
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 05 11:21 am Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My favorite was Dr. Ray Pettit. Even though he had the nickname at CSUN of "no-credit Pettit," I found that he had some of the clearest lectures and exams and some of the fairest grading of any prof I've had. He taught electrical engineering classes like discrete time linear systems and digital communications. He retired last semester, but now he's decided to come back and teach part time again.

Dr. Pettit was my favorite even before I found out that, not only is he a believer in Christ (rather rare at CSUN), but he loves cowboy and bluegrass music, and has a bunch of grand kids that are all homeschooled. I even once ran into him and his wife at a local cowboy music and poetry festival. Very Happy

34, the side that won the war

Posts: 2352
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 06 1:52 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

I'd probably say Dr. Robert Spinney. His classes are very challenging but you learn a lot and he is a good professor!

anna michele
34, Georgia

Posts: 25
PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 06 6:15 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My favourite is our Associate Professor of Music Education---Dr. David Gregory. He's a nationally acclaimed conductor and has won just about every bandmaster award there is in this country.....he is amazingly knowledgable and talented, and yet he is FAR from proud. He's incredibly humble about all his accomplishments. He's real, and has a genuine passion for helping students learn and be the best they can be, not only in his classes, but as people. One of his favourite things to say is, "I want y'all to get reallllll comfortable with being out of your comfort zones." His goal is to push us to perfection in our performances, and to greater responsibility and maturity in life. He's quite the inspirational teacher, but he loves us, too--and his office door is open to us all the time, for advice and help not only in our classes with him but in our life problems. He's only be at our school for a year, but already he is the favourite professor in the department. Very Happy

Thus far I've been under his directorship in wind ensemble (each semester) and have studied conducting with him. In our small school, I will likely have at least two classes a semester with him for the remainder of my undergrad career, and I must say it's an experience I look foward to with great excitement!! Very Happy


Posts: 25
PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 06 9:59 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

Mine would be between two.
1) My psych professor, Donovan. EVERYTHING we learned in that class was applied to a real life situation. She poured so much of her life and experience into us without being inappropriate. She really loves teaching and loves her students.
2) One of my government profs, Metallo. BRILLIANT man. One of my more challenging professors, but he genuinely "got" what I believe every Christian should... his ministry is college students because that's where his job placed him. He made an effort to have all of his students over for dinner at least once over the semester and knew all of our names by class three. Had strong opinions and fairly hard exams... definitely didn't let us off easy just because he cared about us. He knows that letting us off easy would not benefit us as much as making us work. Awesome, awesome man.

Amy Browning
37, Maryland

Posts: 36
PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 06 9:18 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

Two of my favorite professors were Professor Richardson of Asbury College and Dr. Noe at Patrick Henry College. They both taught Latin, but had completely different personalities and they became my favorites for different reasons. I just enjoyed being in Prof Richardson's class. It was upper-level Latin, and all the students were pretty serious about their studies and almost always came to class prepared, so we could just have fun in class. Prof Richardson would read us the Latin poetry aloud, we'd take turns translating, discuss the grammar and poetic forms, and then get into discussions about anything from Roman mythology to caring for animals. At Christmas he read and translated a Latin Christmas poem from the middle ages for us. Dr. Noe was more serious, but I learned a lot from him. I actually studied under him through distance learning. The commentaries he wrote to go with the lessons really made me think about the passages I had translated from Latin in a different light. His commentaries helped me to think critically about things from a Christian perspective. Dr. Noe also sparked my interest in Augustine's writings.

Another favorite professor of mine was a German language teacher I had in Germany. He was really intentive to the needs of the students, patient, loved teaching, and tried to challenge us. He had a humboldtian philosophy of education, like many of the professors over there. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, he taught for an American study abroad school, which wanted him to teach like the American Colleges, so he couldn't teach at his full potential. I also had several other professors in Germany who I really enjoyed studying under and am still in contact with one of them. Smile

Melody Barnum
33, Texas

Posts: 251
PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 06 11:34 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

My favorite prof. is my college algebra prof. Mr. E. He's great! He also teaches at a local public school and enjoys my class because we're his last class of the day and he gets to wind down with us. It's a night class so everyone's a pretty serious student and hard worker.

Once when I explained an answer he gave he told me to go home and call my algebra teacher and thank them. I said, "I'll tell my mom when I get home." He laughed and has told me several times to go home and thank my mom! He's got a great sense of humor and is a great teacher. He really cares about his students and wants us all to excell.

I have a not nearly so great chem. prof. was commenting on how glad I was the semester's nearly over. Someone said I'm also ready to be done with algebra. I replied, "Oh, I could do algebra year round and it not bother me. I just want to be done with my chem class." I got some strange looks! Mr. E just makes it so easy!

Ms. Minni Rose
35, Fort Collns, Colorado

Posts: 161
PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 07 11:12 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

I took 4 law classes with this one Law professor Mr. C---, I loved him so much. He was so energetic and outgoing. I wish I could have taken all my classes with him... He was like a father figure in the class room... and kinda like my uncle. I found him just perfect. He was such a ppl person!!!!!... and for 64, like a kid Very Happy I will miss him terribly, when I leave that school!!!!

Last edited by Ms. Minni Rose on Thu Aug 02, 07 11:12 pm; edited 1 time in total
Josiah Beck
29, Staten Island, New York

Posts: 2
PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 11 9:16 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

I'm not sure if I have one, since I'm in a UBER liberal university. . .and all their left-wing, liberal junk is in the class. I'm not too popular with my professor's either, so it's kinda equal, I guess. Very Happy

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