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I had such a blast at the reunion. I still haven't stopped smiling! Every time I thought, "Wow, this is just awesome!” it would get even better. I was blessed with so many new relationships; I learned a variety of different things, and most of all I grew spiritually. I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear, see and experience everything that I did last week. … the reunion made a huge difference in my life, and my outlook on it!

-Nicole, ’09 Attendee


The H.S.A. reunion has brought me closer to the love of God and fellow believers than ever before. … I had more fun than I have had in a while. … just the experience of meeting other Christian homeschoolers, was a blessing like no other I have witnessed!

-Gordon, ’09 Attendee



Homeschool graduates (at least the kind who choose to put time and effort into an organization like HSA) are articulate, friendly, diverse, and just good, clean fun. … Despite the growing pains of the first generation homeschool movement, the result is a generation of adults who are intelligent, godly, and yes, even social!  I thank God for the opportunity I was given this past weekend to see and experience that for myself. I have a greater appreciation for homeschooling as a movement in this country and a greater understanding of the generation that has come of age under it. For those reasons alone, the Reunion (and the sleep-deprivation *wink*) was worth it.

-April, ’09 Attendee



I WANT TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!! … I had a blast … I had fun! I made new friends! It. Was. Amazing.

-Allison, ’09 Attendee



… this was also my first reunion and I'm so glad I went. To think that I was going to let money get in the way of me going. This reunion was worth more than the money I would have made. Thanks for everyone who came and I can't wait until next years reunion. P.S. For those who think that money is an issue, I would still come it is worth it.

-Joshua, ’09 Attendee



That. was. INCREDIBLE.


Thanks again to all the amazing people who made the Reunion happen this year, and of course , to all the amazing people who showed up to make it amazing. 

-Hannah, ’09 Attendee



I can't even describe it all. It was truly amazing. …  I gotta say, if you've been thinking about going and haven't done it yet, GO. Go this next year. You won't regret it, I promise. It might not be what you expect, but it'll be better. Even if you don't know anyone, go. We'll hang out. 

-Leah, ’09 Attendee



I came to the Reunion with my own little set of expectations, and in retrospect, I am really glad that all those expectations were blown out of the water. The whole event was far more inspirational than I had ever dreamed it would be! ... The whole experience was awesome! The speakers were so inspiring, so touching, so relevant to the here-and-now of my own life … Everyone I met seemed to make a special effort to be kind and welcoming to us poor 'first-timers'. … and altogether I had a great time.
-Joanna, ’09 Attendee



More than anything else, it was awesome to be reminded that we are part of a group that God can use to make a significant impact on the world around us. The ongoing, dual message of focusing on building strong families based on the gospel as a means to reach out to those beyond our families was clear and powerful. It's not that I was previously focusing on the wrong things. It's that now my focus on those things is much more sharp.

-Evan, ’09 Attendee



Everyone who was instrumental in bringing about this year's Reunion - thank you, thank you! It was great - a great 1st Reunion for me. What a blessing! I could go on but I think it's quite clear I really enjoyed it! I am in Ohio right now and am recommending the Reunion to all the new people I'm meeting, helping them understand they MUST go next year!

-Abigail, ’09 Attendee


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