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National Reunion

Activities at the 2011 National Reunion


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The Homeschool Alumni Talent Show

The Homeschool ALUMNI Talent Show is back by popular demand! And this year we're giving away $500 to the winner as well as $100 to the next two runners-up!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to share your abilities with with the rest of the world, and be astounded - in turn - by the talents of your fellow homeschool graduates!

We're currently accepting applications for your act at the Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion Talent Show through May 30th, 2011!

For more information on the Homeschool ALUMNI Talent Show, and to apply now, click here.

English Country Dance

Whether you have two left feet, or you're an expert in the Polka, you will thoroughly enjoy this evening of English Country Dancing with your fellow homeschool graduates!

English Country Dance (ECD) is an easy to learn traditional folk dance, similar to most old-fashioned folk dances. The emphasis is on groups of partners as opposed to couples and it’s generally considered proper to change partners after each dance.

This year's English Country Dance will be hosted by the lovely Laura Plett. Laura is a seasoned dance-caller, and a patient and talented dance instructor.

Don't worry if you've never danced a step before! English Country Dancing is easy to learn, and Laura will lead a practice session before the dance to familiarize you with the basics of English Country Dancing.

Even if you're not the dancing type, simply watching the dancers is a lot of fun, and there will also be other concurrent activity options available.

Sports & Adventure Activities

We are organizing several opportunities for you to enjoy outdoor activities with fellow homeschool graduates at the 2011 National Reunion!

Volleyball, and Frisbee are some of the most popular sports at the National Reunion. There are also nearby options for disc golf, tennis, and basketball.

At the Bonclarken lake, enjoy fishing, a walk around the half-mile trail, or a conversation inside the lakeside gazebo. And don't forget your instrument! Impromptu jam sessions are a staple of the Reunion!

This year, we are excited to announce that we are also preparing opportunities for you to participate in some exciting adventure activities including paintball, high ropes courses, and boating*! Watch for more details to be released on these opportunities soon!

You can be sure that, no matter your interest or skill level, you'll find a host of enjoyable activities to experience with fellow homeschool graduates at the 2011 National Reunion!

*These select adventure opportunities will be limited on a first-come-first-serve basis to a set number of participants and will be available for a small added fee from the host facility.

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