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 Robert Szalapski

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34 year old / Male
Lyons, CO
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About Me:

I'm married to Erin and have 3 kids - Tiernan, Kestrel, and Ronin.
I work at Google, Boulder.

Unlisted HSA Freinds:

Patrick Eklektos
Porter Doran
Alpha Varmint
The Llwyd
Birdie the Owl
Megs (Mrs. Awesome)
Cy Guy

Bethany Grace
Jerry Walker

Favorite Books: 

Favorite Music: 

Paramore, Skillet, Twenty One Pilots, Red, Nickel Creek, Nightwish, Thousand Foot Krutch... lots of things

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse and Kids
Number of Children:  3
Want (more) Children:  Not sure yet
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, currently homeschooling.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Computer Related / Hardware / Software / Web
Interests: lots of things;stay curious!

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  18787
Profile Updated:  13 Aug 2018
Joined:  16 Jun 2006
Total posts:  4584 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Your name begs the question, are you a Linux man?

- Patrick Eklektos
Wed May 13, 09 4:20 pm
The wii is simply awesome. Nintendo really knows how to bring a quality product, though the DS was a mite disapointing. I read that Godzilla is one super game for the wii, by the way.

- Patrick Eklektos
Tue May 12, 09 3:38 pm
That's great! Do you and your wife know if the child is a boy or a girl?

Thankfully, I have a working car. Now I just need an old analogue TV (I don't want it for any other reason than movies and my PS2). LOL Which is funny, I bought a PS2 before I had a TV. LOL

- Patrick Eklektos
Tue May 12, 09 8:27 am
Cngratulations, for you graduation. Congratulations for your marriage! And Congratulations on youre comming child! The Lord has indeed blessed you! Praise the Lord!
Yes, I have a full time job, which is in it self a great blessing as I lost my last job. But the Lord was good for I lost my last job in His service. And I praise Him! I am also living on my own now, which is fun when I am not broke. LOL
So when is the baby due?

- Patrick Eklektos
Mon May 11, 09 4:01 pm
Thanks for the welcome. How have you been?

- Patrick Eklektos
Mon May 11, 09 12:40 pm
hmm, yeah. I've heard the every other day thing suggested, but not 4 days straight and then break. That's worth a shot.
- Gregolas Maximus 4GC
Mon May 11, 09 9:42 am
twenty *six* pushups. oof.

I can tell I've plateaued. To get beyond this will require more discipline.
- Gregolas Maximus 4GC
Sun May 10, 09 8:05 pm
sorry it took so long for me to reply. yes - "stakan" means 8 oz. i loove kvass. it's the bomb.
- Holly
Sun May 03, 09 4:05 pm
Yeah, you know, it was the closest thing that HSA had to describing my relationship! ;P
- Gabrielle
Wed Apr 29, 09 10:04 am
I was living with my girlfriend for a while, so while we were committed, we weren't officially engaged. Smile
- Gabrielle
Tue Apr 28, 09 5:24 pm

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