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31 year old / Female

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Debra My blog

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Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent


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Friends Notes:

Hello there, Debra!
- Robert Szalapski
Wed Jul 23, 08 3:53 pm
Hey! How is married life?? Wonderful I hope! By the way, your rolls look yummy! Very Happy
- Julie Shay
Tue Jul 08, 08 7:46 pm
You're my #1 friend today!
How was your 4th of July?
Oh... and you might want to change the "MO now KS soon" location. Wink
- Kayla(J)G.
Sun Jul 06, 08 4:08 pm
So Bubba when you coming home to see Ryley?
- MistressCrook
Sat Jun 28, 08 9:28 pm
The plans are going pretty good. We're trying to get everything going for our house, which is a chore, but it's fun. Very Happy
- Nikki O
Tue Jun 24, 08 1:09 pm
Congratulations to both of you! It looks like you had a beautiful wedding. We miss you at camp.
- Elizabeth
Sat Jun 21, 08 7:42 pm
Debra, I love your pictures... how are you doing ... what is your email address?
- Susie
Wed Jun 18, 08 6:37 pm
Living Hope Productions is pleased to announce we have released another short!!!!! Please check it out!!!
- LeavinHSA
Tue Jun 17, 08 9:15 am
Those are great picts!! I really like the one of you and the fire works!! That was some good photoshop-ing!! Smile

Well, Happy girl, Take care of yourself!

Carissa <>< Smile
- Christy
Mon Jun 16, 08 9:26 pm
Beautiful wedding pictures, Debra! You look so incredibly gorgeous!
- Amylia
Sat Jun 14, 08 9:14 pm

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