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 Josiah Beck

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29 year old / Male
Staten Island, New York
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About Me:

Name is Josiah, I'm from New York City. I'm finishing my BA in History from the College of Staten Island. I'm becoming a New York State Trooper (Lord-willing).

Look me up on FB: "Joey Beck" :)
Twitter: @stuttgartjoe
Instagram: josiahbeck_

Favorite Books: 

The KJV Bible, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinner (John Bunyan), Holy War (John Bunyan), and Pilgrim's Progress (John Bunyan)

Favorite Music: 

Jars of Clay, Future of Forestry, Bebo Norman, and Keith Green for Christian stuff. Non-sacred music: Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, El Ten Eleven, Signal Hill, Windy and Carl, Hammock, among others. :)

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  6
Occupation:  Politics / Government / Military
Interests: German language, culture, and history. Sports, police work, military history.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  5977
Profile Updated:  04 Feb 2014
Joined:  04 Aug 2011
Total posts:  2 (search topics created)

Recent Blog Entries

- What's country living like (this city boy has NO clue)

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Josiah Beck has 9 friends (view all)

Blacksmith Dave

Just Sarah

Bethany Clare

Dave Patrick


Lily Donahue

Grace V Donahue

Leah Grace


Friends Notes:

Joey! How are you doing? Been praying for you brother!
- Leah Grace
Sun Sep 11, 11 7:39 pm
Sweet, I will! Smile
- Amanda
Thu Sep 08, 11 8:10 am
Well, it's probably more popular out here than it is in Staten Island. But I know what you mean. When I was first homeschooled, we had a homeschool group that was about ten to twenty kids. And when I graduated in June, there were over 200!
Oh, we live in the Holbrook/Islip area, about forty five minutes from the city.

So, were you homeschooled all of your life? Or did you ever go to school?
- Grace V Donahue
Wed Sep 07, 11 7:03 pm
so yeah... messages sometimes work better lol.
- Lily Donahue
Wed Sep 07, 11 9:29 am
Hahaha, I've heard that explanation ALOT! Wink It's funny, because everyone around here says something different when referring to it lol. Anyway.. what kind of job do you have in the City? I'd go in more often if the darn LIRR weren't so ridiculously expensive... I've got a whole itinerary planned out... someday when I can actually afford it haha Wink The Islanders... I'll admit right now, I'm actually a Rangers fan :/ But if I ever find myself at an Islanders game, I'll definitely let ya know! Smile LIRR... sadly, yes lol Sad I was talking to your sister on here last night... the three of us should try to plan to meet up in the City or something... that would be really cool! Oh, btw... are you on FB by any chance?
- Amanda
Tue Sep 06, 11 7:53 am
Ok, thought so lol. Well, if it makes you feel any better, there aren't many more homeschoolers on Long Island than there are in Staten Island! =P But that's New York for you... New York City? I didn't realize that. Weird.

Yeah, that's my twin haha. When we meant your brother, she mentioned that she'd friended you on here. And yes, we live on Long Island. =P
- Grace V Donahue
Mon Sep 05, 11 8:00 pm
Hey Mr. your my number one friend today, go figure!!
- Bethany Clare
Mon Sep 05, 11 7:26 pm
It's all good, because I know her last name anyway haha. Yeah, we're from Long Island. I'm not sure how far away from you guys that is, but it takes us about 45 min. to an hour to drive into the city. Smile
- Lily Donahue
Mon Sep 05, 11 5:52 pm
I know, right?! Lol there's just too many Yankees fans in this state Razz MTA... they just need to grow up and stop over-charging people. Traffic... oh yes, I'm familiar with it. Not quite as much as my parents, but I've had my share of road trips haha :O I've never quite thought of Medford like that lol! It's nothing special really... most of the time when you drive through there, you'll see workers on the side of the road trying to snag a job with the first person willing to pull over and hire them. You should try to come out for an Islanders game... I've been to only one before, but it was a blast! Stupid LIRR keeps everyone from doing alot of stuff! Yep, Anberlin and Switchfoot. I saw Switchfoot a few years ago, and I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed. They were actually really disappointing. This will be my first time seeing Anberlin... I'll admit, I love them... but anyway, a few of my friends and I are going in to see them... hoping it's not a fail like the last concert I was at :/ I come into the city a few times a year... I was in twice this year already... back in March, and April... we usually wait for our library to have discounted LIRR tickets... they usually have them around $9 maybe 3 or 4 times a year, so we take advantage haha! I bet you're in the city alot?
- Amanda
Mon Sep 05, 11 12:02 pm
I'm glad to hear that! We held up ok too, no flooding by us... we're on the shore, but we're a bit further inland, so we just had a few big puddles in our yard Wink Yeah though... I'm not as far out as Shirley (though that's like a 30 minute drive, and I did visit a church out there for a few weeks lol) or Medford (which is about 20 minutes away, and I actually had a job out there for a while!), but not as close as the city... I do have alot of friends out in Hempstead, Farmingdale, Bethpage, and East Meadow though! Very Happy I get what you're saying... it's just kind of hard to do those kind of things often though 'cause of how darn expensive it is! LIRR fare is like $20+ these days! But I am heading into the city in about 3 weeks for the Anberlin/Switchfoot concert... you aren't going to that by any chance, are you? Traffic... I know how bad that Belt Parkway gets... whenever my family comes back from vacation in PA, we always get stuck there! I'll definitely look up your church, and I'll try to stop in one of these days! Smile Yeah, my dad is from out there... and YES, total Mets fans! Very Happy
- Amanda
Mon Sep 05, 11 8:18 am

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