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31 year old / Female

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Debra My blog

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Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent


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Friends Notes:

hows it going?
- Shano
Sat Oct 04, 08 1:48 am
Hey! Very Happy
I was so surprised, and delighted, to read your note tonight! I've been thinking about you lately, and I want to call you sometime soon. What's the best time to call? Saturday, or during the week? I'd love to talk to you again! Very Happy
- Amylia
Wed Oct 01, 08 7:25 pm
Hi Debra, I sorry I missed you this time . I really wanted to see you... Sad
I just started a blog for our family
I hope to see you soon Smile How are you doing?
- Susie
Mon Sep 08, 08 1:33 pm
Yes, I agree.....marriage is awesome!!! Very Happy Very Happy Things are slowing but most certainly falling in to some wonderful sort of normal. I understand what you're going through in setting up the house, and even though you got married before me, I started setting up my house before you. We were lucky enough to find a house before we were married (since we weren't moving, like you Wink ) and I got to go in and set it up before Dan moved in. Guess what. The curtains were the first thing to go up! Laughing Ha ha! Very Happy
- Nikki O
Fri Sep 05, 08 11:32 am
how are u?
i havent talked to u in a while.
- Crystal LaRae
Fri Sep 05, 08 10:42 am
Hello Very Happy How is married life Very Happy?
- Laurel
Sat Aug 23, 08 1:13 pm
Hi! Very Happy How are things going?
- Nikki O
Wed Aug 13, 08 12:41 pm
Hey Debra! Go to Reunion/Get togethers.
There's someing in Wichita KS in a couple of weeks!
- Elizabeth
Thu Jul 31, 08 8:38 pm
#1 friend today!
How was visiting Ryley? I looked at his pics on Amy's site--he is so cute!
Talk to you later!
- Amylia
Sat Jul 26, 08 7:31 pm
Aha! There you are! The name change is why I couldn't find you.
- rickydrummerboy
Fri Jul 25, 08 8:13 pm

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