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38 year old / Male
over there *points*
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About Me:

I am me... and it is really late at this moment so I'm not writing a whole lot heh... sorry

I value my faith, church, family, and friends.

For any curious: No, I do not have Myspace or Facebook... just never got into that...

It's not late, but I still don't want to write a lot here lol

However, I will add a list of my siblings!

I am oldest then my brother Stephen.
Then our four sisters: Melissa, Rachel, Laura, and Stephanie.

All from the same parents, and we are a close bunch hehe

Favorite Books: 

The 66 books of the Bible and "The Trail of Blood"

Favorite Music: 

Lots... some in much smaller portions though... such as country, metal, and rap.... very small portions heh

Lots of Jazz, electronic, ambient, Celtic, some new age, some old soft rock, various mixtures of the afore mentioned, etc...

In terms of Christian music, some contemporary Christian is alright as long as it is scriptural and doesn't go overboard on the loud factor and as long as people don't start acting like they are at a rock concert when they hear/sing it... Otherwise, hymns are great :)

Marital Status:  Single
Want (more) Children:  Yes
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Student

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled + Government
Education:  Associate degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  5
Occupation:  Computer Related / Hardware / Software / Web
Interests: lots of things...Faith, family, friends, some video games, computers, music, etc...

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  11428
Profile Updated:  22 Sep 2014
Joined:  08 Aug 2009
Total posts:  428 (search topics created)

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Mandy Iacampo W.B.E.

Kristin B.




Lydia Grenier




Friends Notes:

You can stay a fox. But be warned, I don't get along with foxes. They have eaten too many chickens and ducks! Its enough to turn a unicorn into the Hulk.
Why the fox, anyway?
- Laura L.
Wed Dec 02, 15 5:04 pm
- Laura L.
Sun Nov 08, 15 6:25 am
I checked by voting. It seems to be a problem in all of the latest polls.
- Rebekah Ann
Fri Oct 02, 15 6:38 pm
Thanks for the blog comment Robert! Very Happy
- Gavino
Wed Sep 23, 15 2:39 pm
Regarding blog post: excellent point, some perspectives I hadn't thought of when writing it but I can definitely relate. It's the people who don't even seem to be trying to act like Christ when discussing things with their brothers and sisters in Christ that make me shake my head sometimes…and on some days I'm preaching to myself as much as to others! Thanks for your thoughts man!
- Gavino
Tue Sep 15, 15 5:19 pm
Thanks for the blog comment man! Smile
- Gavino
Tue Sep 15, 15 10:21 am
*blogging comment on "God Gives Grace & Guts"* Exactly. Sometimes when we are doing so much planting and watering it is discouraging when we think we should be seeing more increase than what we are Smile.
- McKenzie Knapp
Tue Aug 25, 15 3:03 pm
Thanks for the blog comment Robert! Great point at the end about seeing the work of God in our lives through seeing our shortcomings and areas that we still need to work on. Keep pursuing God and letting His light shine through you, man! May God provide us with the opportunities to share His word, and give us the courage in the moment to speak it.
- Gavino
Mon Aug 24, 15 5:43 pm
It was an exaggeration, but yes, pretty much. But I wouldn't say it if I didn't already consider you a real friend. You've done more for me than I can thank you for. I mean that.
- Laura L.
Mon Aug 24, 15 3:55 pm
No no no no no! I meant cool as in emotionless. Exasperatingly cool as in, your head is a concrete block and I can't make a dent in it with my baseball bat. (Well, that's an exaggeration, but you get the picture.) There. Try to twist a compliment out of that. Twisted Evil
- Laura L.
Mon Aug 24, 15 1:11 pm

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