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26 year old / Male
God's Land in ND
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About Me:

Well... There is a lot about me that I'm not going to tell. So you'll be missing out on some of me ;)

I'm a Christen. And am convicted to live life with a perfect heart before God with His mercy and guidance.
I'm a Small engine mechanic.
A handy man.
A nature lover and hunter. (Yes you can mix the two)
I like working and taking pride in what I do.
I adapt to most work/jobs and ask a lot of questions so I can better understand what I'm doing.
I'm a leader and plain speaking.
When handed something new I'm cautious until I know what I'm doing. (Like when I drive a new piece of equipment) Slow starter but fast learner.
I love the Bible! And seeing God's mercy and Power displayed all throughout the Old and New Testament is so cool!! Don't know if you get a tingly feeling when you read or watch something cool, But the Bible's account of God's Power dose that for me.
I like working on things and learning how they function.
I'm not much for book learning or spelling. But I try to make up the difference by only talking about what I KNOW. And if I don't know much about something. I'll tell you up front.
I'm a guy that has a large amount of respect for the truth. And I HATE lies.
I'm cool with guns but a lousy shot. So carry two or a double stack to make up the difference (full automatic)
Easy to get along with for the most part and willing to help where I can.
More a thinker then a talker, I'll stay on the outside of a crowd if I can, otherwise if I make up my mind I can talk until most anyone is glassy eyed and head nodding. :)
I like new and cool energy saving Ideas that work! And have little time for things that are just theory.
I'm not much for debates but will spend time to write down what I believe. (I'll leave that up to the people that debate for a living.)
If I don't know what to say, most of the time I'm quiet.
I'm soft hearted and get pained often, but it hasn't killed me yet :)

I take my friendships to heart and have only a few people that I can say are my friends. But I've learned that even the people I'm friendly with can become grate friends.

I've been called a conservative and do not mind the meaning behind it.
I use the KJV and like it.
I do not watch TV anymore and haven't died from the lack of it ether:)

There! That's a little bit about me. you could always ask and I might tell you more.

Favorite Books: 


I've read countless others, and can't name a "favorite" out of those.
But can name some that I liked.
Almost all of G. A. Henty's books
If it wasn't for all the swearing I really liked Men of Iron
Lawn Boy
Calvin and Hobbes
The Kingdom Series
The Knights of Arrethtrae Series
How to build a drone.
DIY Books.
DIM Books.
And more.

Favorite Music: 

Favorite Music: hymns
LOTS of Orchestra
MANY Classical
Some Blue grass.
A little movie music.

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  11
Occupation:  Executive / Management
Interests: Hydro propulsion, Repairing just about anything, building/ construction. Down scaled/home renewable energy. Gardening. Roofing. Pistols.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3018
Profile Updated:  26 Oct 2017
Joined:  28 Oct 2015
Total posts:  56 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

631 hrs til what?? I have a feeling I know what is happen to you....what seems to be happening to everyone else I know... Smile
- Timothy
Mon Aug 28, 17 7:47 pm
...and Happy "early" Birthday!
- Inactive User
Sat Aug 19, 17 2:04 pm
Hey Joe! I couldn't be more surprised and truly happy to see 2 of my *friends* so happy together! Smile (I don't know if y'all figured it out yet or not... but your sweet bride-to-be and me used to be pen pals!) I think you are perfect for each other! Congratulations to you both!
- Inactive User
Sat Aug 19, 17 1:59 pm
I figured it out because everyone's ages seem t go up before they're set birthdays here on HSA. Normally only a week or so before though. I noticed you've somehow got your's back to 25. :-S

So when is it your actual birthday?
- Alexander the Geek
Fri Aug 18, 17 3:03 pm
*see *It's *probably
- Alexander the Geek
Wed Aug 16, 17 2:00 am
I se your age has gone up to 26. It' prbably a bit early, but happy 26th birthday for whenever it is!
- Alexander the Geek
Wed Aug 16, 17 1:58 am
Congratulations! Y'all are a cute couple! Very Happy
- Sarah Liz
Sat Aug 12, 17 8:37 pm
I just saw your status!!!!!! So happy for you two, Joe! God bless you both! Smile
- Vivian
Tue Aug 08, 17 9:29 pm
I was commenting on your new photo...appears you are in the process of getting domestically snared. Smile
I remain free from all such inhibitions
- Timothy
Mon Aug 07, 17 2:37 pm
thanks but only 1999 Razz
- Daniel
Sun Aug 06, 17 6:17 pm

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