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31 year old / Female

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Debra My blog

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Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent


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Thanks for the comment on my dress! =)

That is exciting you are expecting a baby! CongratS!
- AbigailofGreenGables
Fri Apr 03, 09 12:54 pm
Congrats on the baby! We must be close! I'm due May 27th! Smile
- Brittany Michelle
Thu Mar 19, 09 5:15 am
Hi Debra! How are you? We're going to have another ECD in April. There is a thread in events. It's been bumped down the page a little. Hope you and Mark can make it. BTW, can Mark call the dances?
- Merry Hannah
Thu Mar 05, 09 3:13 pm
Aw, Debra, that is so exciting! I keep saying I want to call you sometime becuase I would really love to talk to you! I always seem to think of it at bad times though...We have been so busy lately. I haven't even been getting on HSA very often. Are weekends or week days better for you? I'll try to call you soon!
I hope everyone is doing well! Especially you and the baby! Wink
And Happy Valentine's Day! Very Happy
- Amylia
Thu Feb 12, 09 9:06 pm
You're #1 today! Very Happy yay!!
- Kayla(J)G.
Tue Feb 10, 09 10:58 pm
haha no way a that is so awesome!! Very Happy i want to eat there now!! Very Happy

I have been doing pretty good. Singing alot. writing songs. that kinda fun stuff. working on the drama production, im actually playing the part you use to have in " Is there a Doctor in the House" i thought that was pretty cool!!
- Crystal LaRae
Mon Feb 09, 09 9:12 am
Hey! Very Happy how are u?? i havent talk to you in a while!
- Crystal LaRae
Tue Jan 13, 09 5:18 pm
- Amylia
Wed Dec 31, 08 8:46 pm
I wish you a Merry Chrisrmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!!!
- MistressCrook
Mon Dec 08, 08 7:46 pm
You're my number one friend today! And your birthday is coming up shortly! And I haven't given you an official HSA congratulations. So...

- Kayla(J)G.
Fri Nov 21, 08 5:17 pm

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