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 Bonnie Doran

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33 year old / Female
with Porter
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About Me:

Hi! I'm me :)

If you want to contact me please email.

See you around! :)

Favorite Books: 

Favorite Music: 

rock, bluegrass, folk, hair metal, jazz, blues,

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse
Number of Children:  2
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Student

Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  7
Occupation:  Medical / Health Services

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  22146
Profile Updated:  01 Sep 2014
Joined:  14 Aug 2006
Total posts:  859 (search topics created)

Spanish Language Students and Speakers
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Angela the twin



Abigail Neal

Bonnie Jean

Friends Notes:

Merry Christmas!
- Agent 002
Fri Dec 25, 09 9:58 am
Merry Christmas, Bonnie!
- Kris
Thu Dec 24, 09 2:11 pm
Congrats Bonnie! That's great. Very Happy
- Colette
Tue Oct 27, 09 5:55 pm
if your on my friends list, your getting this link. I just discovered it. It's amazing to me. I can think of so many spiritual applications.
Fri Oct 23, 09 10:45 pm
Hi Bonnie,
You are my #1 friend today! How is life going? Are you going to college or working or simply being a happy homemaker. Very Happy
I've been taking classes at our local community college this term and am up to my neck in homework at the moment! But I'm enjoying all of it. Very Happy
- Janna the SecondRose
Sun Oct 18, 09 11:30 am
ah, fun stuff. Yes, the job search can be frustrating and long! I am SO thankful that God has faithfully provided for my needs. Yes, I'm still just making it month to month, but I am making it. And I know he'll provide the right full-time job for me. Smile
What field are you looking into?
- Colette
Thu Oct 01, 09 10:05 pm - Feel free to join us!
- Just Sarah
Sun Sep 13, 09 6:36 pm

The Number One Friend Video for my number one friend for the day!
- Jonathan Klein
Mon Sep 07, 09 9:01 am
Thanks ! Where are you from?
- Elizabeth D
Tue Sep 01, 09 3:10 pm
So nice to see a comment from you on my wall; I log into HSA now and then, but mostly lurk...and forget to check my profile wall.

How are you doing? How's married life? Smile I'm doing well; keeping busy enough between work, home-life and other things. I saw Carol at Hazel's a couple weeks ago, it was nice to chat with her for awhile. I miss bumping into you and your family in Walmart, lol! I do wish we had had a chance to get together before you moved. :-/ Any chance you'll be coming out here for a visit any time in the future? I'll definitely see if I can arrange to get together with you if you do and have the time!
- Krista
Thu Aug 27, 09 7:43 pm

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