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34 year old / Female

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About Me:

Currently a student at Liberty University (majoring in speech communication and minoring in government and women's ministries), volunteer webmaster and assistant to the directors for Central Virginia Home Educators (, and volunteer columnist for the Lynchburg Ledger (bi-weekly homeschool column). But that's just the technical stuff. I love children; baby-sitting, helping to homeschool, playing like I am one, dreaming of my full house, anything. I love reading and writing; journaling, blogging, letters, poetry. I love politics and am passionately involved in my opinions... although not always the most well-informed. I love doctrine and have constant questions. Once I reach a conclusion it is hard to convince me otherwise; I am very stubborn and very opinionated about everything I do. I love volunteering at my church's food pantry. I love my church in Virginia. I love learning new things and teaching old ones. I have a recent love of cooking. I love to use semi-colons. I love using the computer to stay connected to friends. I love the military. I love making people laugh but am usually most successful when I'm not trying. I love music; singing makes me happy (even if it doesn't do the same for others around me). And I love talking (and writing) waaaayyy too much.

Yeah... I'm kind of a hippie.

Favorite Books: 

The Bronze Bow, Austen books, the Anne books, the Uncle Eric books, All Quiet on the Western Front, and more.

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Siblings:  4
Interests: Jesus, being passionate, arguing, camouflage, the military, imagination, home education, talking too much...

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  2015
Profile Updated:  16 Jun 2007
Joined:  26 May 2006
Total posts:  25 (search topics created)

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Jenn has 2 friends (view all)

Shelley Marie

Lindsay Marie

Friends Notes:

Happy Resurrection Day!
- Jessica M
Sun Mar 23, 08 2:52 pm
Happy Thanksgiving!
- Jessica M
Thu Nov 22, 07 6:58 pm
Well, I'm good at hiding like that.
- Mr.X (Heath Harper)
Wed Aug 15, 07 9:13 pm
Hey, if it ain't random... then be funny some other way! Thanks for the blog post!
- Sterling
Tue Aug 07, 07 7:41 am
I was beginning to think I was the only one in this area. Glad I'm not alone anymore!

p.s. That story was really short, I think there should have been more plot before "the end" showed up.....but maybe thats just me.
- Mr.X (Heath Harper)
Fri Aug 03, 07 9:13 pm
Yes I did take them myself..I havn't got much up there yet..but I'm working on it Smile I was editing it when you posted. So you may not have seen the newest one. Smile

Thanks for the note Very Happy
- Justin2media
Thu Jul 26, 07 8:29 pm
Thanks for your note on my blog. I'm glad you liked it. I was a little scared to post it, but now I'm glad I did. Thanks!
- Bethany VIII
Thu Jul 26, 07 7:18 pm
Thanks for your blog comment! You've got some pretty neat stuff going on in life - way to live it up for the Lord! Smile
- inhiding
Sat Jul 14, 07 1:48 am
Hey Jenn! I saw on the University Group forum that you go to Liberty! I will be going there this fall, coming in as a second-semester Junior. I will be working on a Women's ministry major (I was a religion major from DLP for awhile). How do you like the Women's ministry minor? I'm really excited to take some classes!
- Shelley Marie
Sun Jun 24, 07 1:57 pm
Thanks for the welcome to HSA! I really appreciate the HUGE welcome I've received here.

And it's nice to find someone else who enjoys reading The Bronze Bow -- that's an old book and I don't know too many folks who are familiar with it nowadays.
- Joy Gardner
Sun Nov 26, 06 7:48 pm

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