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27 year old / Male
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About Me:

Life is a daily adventure, and terribly funny. When I�m not sleeping or doing something fun, I can be found studying with the goal of becoming a forensic accountant. One of my many hobbies is creating spreadsheets. I also work, but that falls under the �fun� category. I collect quotes�pages and pages of them. I also talk to my friends sometimes. I have fantastic friends. I also have fantastic luck, which is occasionally annoying. I plan everything in detail, but never follow my plans, 'cause that'd be pretty lame. I have a weakness for pockets, adore flashlights, and can't seem to stop traveling or listening to amazing music. I love life. I also love printing calculators, leather, Canon L-series lenses, and my iPhone. I am somewhat of a libertarian environmentalist capitalist. I�d really like to study psychology and sociology, too.

I write blog posts intentionally to mean different things to different people. Success is when some readers are "aha!" and the rest have headaches. True story.

I am forever blessed; Jesus deigned to die for my sins, and my life's purpose is to bring glory to His name forever. Theologically, I'm probably different than you.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

Life is a miracle.

Oh, and if you text me, I might not reply. Just sayin�.

Favorite Books: 

The Bible
Amazon Kindle (okay, it's not a book, but it is at least as good)
Institutes of Biblical Law by R.J.Rushdoony
C.S. Lewis
George MacDonald
Louis L'Amour
Lewis Carroll
Mark Twain
P.G. Wodehouse
Richard J. Maybury
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Suzanne Collins
and many, many others�

Books that examine character instead of depending exclusively on plot I find to be particularly fascinating. "The Scarlet Letter", "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", "Invisible Man", & "Wuthering Heights" are all quite depressing, but incredible reads.

Favorite Music: 

Slipping Through My Fingers ~ ABBA
House of the Rising Sun ~ The Animals
The Potter ~ Annie Danae
Everybody ~ Backstreet Boys
Larger Than Life ~ Backstreet Boys
Texas Plains ~ The Bar J Wranglers
Surfin' USA ~ The Beach Boys
The Longest Time ~ Billy Joel
Pressure ~ Billy Joel
You're Only Human ~ Billy Joel
The Tide is High ~ Blondie
Video Killed The Radio Star ~ Buggles
Mile Away ~ Capital Lights
Satan, Bite the Dust ~ Carmen
A Place In The Choir ~ Celtic Thunder
Lost? ~ Coldplay (acoustic)
Us Against the World ~ Coldplay
Viva La Vida ~ Coldplay
I've Been Accused ~ Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons
Bad Day ~ Daniel Powter
Stay Young, Go Dancing ~ Death Cab for Cutie
In Real Life ~ Demi Lovato
Isn't it Strange ~ Don McLean
JOY ~ Ellie Goulding
Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding ~ Elton John
The Wonder of You ~ Elvis Presley
My! My! Time Flies ~ Enya
Name ~ Fireflight
All Alone ~ Fun
Rhapsody in Blue ~ Gershwin
Hip To Be Square ~ Huey Lewis & the News
Give Me Some Love ~ James Blunt
If Time is All I Have ~ James Blunt
One of the Brightest Stars ~ James Blunt
Time In A Bottle ~ Jim Croce
Back Home Again ~ John Denver
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) ~ Journey
Open Arms ~ Journey
See Everything ~ Julie Plug
You Put This Love in My Heart ~ Keith Green
Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop ~ Landon Pigg
Castle of Glass ~ Linkin Park
Let It Grow ~ The Lorax Singers
Primadonna ~ Marina and The Diamonds
Crazy (cover) ~ Matthew Bryan Beck
Grace Kelly ~ MIKA
Rain ~ MIKA
Stuck in the Middle ~ MIKA
Ash & Chickenwire ~ Minnesota
San Francisco ~ The Mowglis
Embers ~ Owl City
If My Heart Was a House ~ Owl City
Rugs From Me to You ~ Owl City
Silhouette ~ Owl City
Umbrella Beach ~ Owl City
When Can I See You Again? ~ Owl City
English Tea ~ Paul McCartney
How Many People ~ Paul McCartney
That Day is Done ~ Paul McCartney
This One ~ Paul McCartney
The Show Must Go On ~ Queen
We Will Rock You VonLichten ~ Queen + VonLichten
Find Your Own Way Home ~ REO Speedwagon
Soul and Inspiration ~ Righteous Brothers
Song of Hope ~ Robbie Seay Band
Black Day in December ~ Said the Whale
Who Wants to Live Forever? ~ Sarah Brightman
Freckles ~ Shel
The Happening ~ The Supremes
Never Been To Spain ~ Three Dog Night
California 37 ~ Train
Hey, Soul Sister ~ Train
With A Girl Like You ~ The Troggs
We are the World ~ USA for Africa
Come Sweet Death ~ Virgil Fox

Living Situation:  On My Own
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Employment:  Student
Occupation:  Banking / Financial Services / Real Estate
Interests: Balancing

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  9364
Profile Updated:  09 Jul 2019
Joined:  01 Jan 2010
Total posts:  215 (search topics created)

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Sweet Southern Belle

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Friends Notes:

Whose concert are you dissing? Razz
- Olivia Faith
Sat Apr 12, 14 10:46 pm
I hope you feel better too. Wink
- Amylia
Wed Oct 30, 13 7:57 pm
Seriously? I *so* did not intend to be a copycat. Ugh. Razz
- Amiable Amy
Tue Oct 22, 13 10:41 pm
Depends on your perspective. =P
- Amylia
Fri Oct 18, 13 9:12 am
Oh, of COURSEEE it did. Rolling Eyes Razz
- Olivia Faith
Fri Oct 18, 13 8:08 am
That's okay Razz you seem like you're quite busy! lol it's kind of weird, you saying "it was nice to meet you too" after an experience like TinyChat Smile lol jk
- A. B.
Thu Oct 17, 13 8:39 am
Danks man! Wink
- some guy
Thu Oct 10, 13 11:54 am
Hi Johan,
Haven't seen your around lately... are you still doing photography?
- MissShiloh
Tue Sep 24, 13 11:58 pm
It was great meeting you in person! Smile maybe next year you can come to the whole thing!
- A. B.
Sat Sep 07, 13 6:35 pm
Horses are given wormers that are not allowed to be given to livestock that are for human consumption because they aren't safe. Some of the wormers are so bad they can kill chickens if they pick through any of their piles.
If I was raising the horse myself, I wouldn't have a problem eating it since we worm all our animals naturally including horses. I'm not one of those, horses are only pets people. Very Happy
- Delete me
Sat Sep 07, 13 2:44 pm

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