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35 year old / Male
Viola, IL
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About Me:

I was homeschooled through 9th grade. I was then enrolled in a corespondance school, so that I would recieve an accredited diploma. This didn't work out well, so I got a GED.

I am currently attending Hamilton Technichal College in Davenport, IA. My field of choice, Electronics Engineering Technology. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and know I have homeschooling, and God, to thank for it.

I also work part time at my small town's grocery store.

Favorite Books: 

The kind with words.

Favorite Music: 

Southern Rock

Some favorite bands include:
Keith Urban
Montgomery Gentry
Blue County
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Charlie Daniel's
3 Doors Down

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled + Private
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Part-time
Siblings:  1
Occupation:  Food Service
Interests: Amateur Radio, Electronics, Paintball, Cars, Computers

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  1205
Profile Updated: 
Joined:  21 Oct 2005
Total posts:  9 (search topics created)

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Nathaniel B

Friends Notes:

Check out this link for the latest info on the WI HSAer (and nearby) Get Together
- David Schultz
Thu Apr 03, 08 9:45 pm
2007 Homeschool Alumni National Reunion - Question #1
- Nathaniel B
Fri Sep 21, 07 3:23 pm
wow, I haven't talked to you in a long time! You're my top friend today, so I thought I'd say hey!
- Angie
Tue Jul 17, 07 9:24 pm
LOL! Naw, I had 4 guys at the bottom. It was just funny to crop them out of the picture. Wink
- Josh
Tue Nov 22, 05 1:36 pm
Nice tower, I hope it wasn't just you pulling that thing up, lol - KB9VPQ
- Samuel Harris
Wed Oct 26, 05 4:32 am
Ah ha! Another ham - nice to meet ya Very Happy
-KF6MFK (Eagle River, AK)
- Rubber Stamp #70
Sat Oct 22, 05 3:56 am

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