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 Turkey Talia

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32 year old / Female

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About Me:

Hellooooooo :] It's lovely to meet you..Well. I am a Christ-follower, an artist, a hardcore feminist, a quirkyalone, a voracious reader, a music addict, a Jonas Brothers fan, and a lip gloss fanatic. I usually have about ten art projects going at any given time, I adore the perfect tire swing, I tend to read a dozen books at a time..anything from Shakespeare or Hugo to Agatha Christie to Meg Cabot to Eric Carle. I absolutely love the library--I bring home armfuls of books so huge, my homeschooling mom rolls her eyes, haha. "Random" is a very key word in my life. I like to call people headcases, and I'm a chocolate addict. I run into everything [doors/walls/bookshelves/kitchen counters]. It's not that I don't SEE it, I just can't seem to get out of the way..The only thing I watch on TV is The Big Bang Theory (okay, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), unless I'm on vacation, in which case I'll watch TVLand and Nick@Nite--but I LOVE movies! I'm not into denominations, I love missions trips, and I'm dying to go back to Nicaragua..again. :)

I live outside a tiny town, surrounded by Ohio cornfields. I was homeschooled for eleven years before uni..I am currently majoring in Fine Arts at Edison Community College. I love it :] I'm especially excited about my pottery and photography classes. I have a [very] small business [] but I'd like to expand it.

Say hello to my sister Tara! You can find me on Facebook, DeviantArt and LOST. Or you can listen to my ever-expanding collection of playlists. =]

Favorite Books: 

Pride and Prejudice, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Dracula, Macbeth, Rebecca, Ophelia, The Sneetches & Other Stories, The Pobble Who Has No Toes, the Emily of New Moon series, Vanity Fair, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, A Christmas Carol, Thelonius Turkey Lives! On Felicia Fergusen's Farm, Whales on Stilts!, Oliver Twist, Thr3e, Monster, Ivanhoe, Emma, Northanger Abbey, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Screwtape Letters...Isaiah is my current biblical book of choice.

Favorite authors include: David Crowder, Don Miller, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Agatha Christie, MT Anderson, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Daphne du Maurier, Ted Dekker, Lynn Rowe Reed, William Makepeace Thackeray, Thomas Hardy, Anne Bronte, Victor Hugo

Favorite Music: 

Some of everything! My favorite ever is Elvis Presley. I listen to Josh Groban, the Jonas Brothers, Hanson, Dean Martin, Ricky Martin, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, April Sixth, the Backstreet Boys, the Beach Boys, the Lovin' Spoonful, Jimmy Eat World, Jane Monheit, Richard Marx, Relient K, the Straylight Run, the Wedding, and whatever else I find that appeals to me. I like dances from the 1700s, rock, oldies, techno, folk, indie. And a selection of country. I love any kind of world music--Latin, French, Greek, Italian..I love musicals!
CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jonas Brothers/the Archies/Elvis Presley

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled + Private
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Student
Siblings:  3
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer
Interests: Art! Photography/music/reading&writing/sewing/collages/etc.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  6993
Profile Updated:  03 Feb 2010
Joined:  07 Jun 2007
Total posts:  17 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Hey!! I'm from PA and trying to get a bunch of people together for a spring reunion. Hope you can make it!! Very Happy
- A Gal Called Cupcake
Mon Mar 01, 10 4:13 pm
Thats fine, everyone has life outside of HSA. Smile Ok, I figured I have seen you before at NAC or BNYC. Take care!
- Marie
Sun Aug 17, 08 1:02 pm
Thats awesome you attend a GBC church, and you go to Edison State! I dont really live that far away from you then. Smile
Which GBC do you attend? I attend Basore..When I looked at your pictures, I think I may have possibly seen you before...Maybe at NAC, or BNYC??
- Marie
Sat Apr 12, 08 7:31 pm
HI!!!! Good to hear from you!!!...I was wondering how you were doing these days...Glad you stopped over Smile

Yeah March is pretty dull. Its all muddy here....Easter is a bit earlier this year so it will be colder...

hmmmmm the belt sounds fun...I've never tried making one....Did you put beads on it??? Or was it briaded??... I like to collect belts with the huge buckles....

Well, am off to teach a piano lesson....see you later! Have a great week!!!
- Kitty
Mon Mar 17, 08 5:43 pm
Hello #1 Friend! how are you? what have you been up too?
God Bless!
- Channing
Fri Feb 22, 08 9:50 am
Oh, I see what it is... Razz Was I? Okay, guess I'll give in..But I am not snookered too often.... sounds fun!!!.....Maybe I should try it....I do a lot of bead work and sewing and knitting and decorating. am always on the hunt for some new craft to try Smile

So are you getting all in readiness this Christmas season??? Saturday, hopefully going to get the chance to do some christmas baking with some friends....That is if my other job doesn't get in the way... Hope you are doing well Smile Will ttys...Have a great week!!!!!
- Kitty
Wed Dec 12, 07 4:52 pm
No we just stayed at home and had some friends and family over. it was a nice quite holiday! ate way too much but it was all sooooooooooo yummy!!! Smile did you have a good Thanksgiving?
- Channing
Tue Nov 27, 07 12:43 pm
I like to paint mainly with acrylics and I usually do scenery. I have tried animals a few times, but I am not very good at them. Post pictures of my paintings? Well, I might, but they aren't the greatest! Wink's getting cold here! I think it's on average below freezing! Very Happy How about Ohio? I love this time of year...especially Christmas! Very Happy I was sick all through the holidays last year so I am hoping to be well this season! Very Happy
- Kaitlin
Mon Nov 26, 07 1:19 pm
Happy Thanksgiving! Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile God Bless!
- Channing
Thu Nov 22, 07 3:26 pm
Very interesting.... Razz and how does on throw a pot on a wheel???? If you dont mind my wondering...Seems like an amuzing game of some sort....jk.... Glad you week is going good...I was trying to sneak away from this place, but got snookered right back on and I have so much work to do....
- Kitty
Wed Nov 07, 07 10:17 pm

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