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How to Write a New Topic

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, that have not been answered by this FAQ please feel free to contact the Administrator.

Choose the appropriate forum for your topic.
For a detailed description of the differences between HSA’s different forums please see: Where Should I Post This?

Use a descriptive subject line.
Your subject line should attempt to accurately describe the content of your proposed topic for discussion. “How can we positively impact our local communities?” is an example of a good subject line. Vague and/or undescriptive subject lines such as “Help,” “A question,” or “LOOK!” should not be used. 

Develop a clear and concise message body.
Please observe the rules of proper English spelling, grammar, and punctuation when constructing your message body. Also, bear in mind that a very long post will be read by fewer people than a shorter one. Try to be as clear and as concise as possible.

Ask your question in one post, respond to it in another.
This is especially applicable to Roundtable topics. If you are starting a discussion with a question, use the starting post as a succinct prompt, and then (if you wish) make a subsequent post to provide your response.

Make sure your post complies with the Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct.

See: Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct (GAC)

See also:

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