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FAQs about GAC Enforcement

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, that have not been answered by this FAQ please feel free to contact the Administrator.

Do the Guidelines of Acceptable Conduct apply to all areas of the Alumni Network or only to the discussion forums? [link]

The Guidelines of Acceptable Conduct apply to all online conduct on the Alumni Network.

I saw a violation, why haven't you done anything about it yet?[link]

It all begins with a report. If no one has reported the situation to the Response Team, they probably haven't reviewed it yet. The community depends on you (and every member of the community) – to report situations that should be reviewed. Also see how policy enforcement works.

I think the Response Team misinterpreted the GAC – can I request that my situation be reviewed by the Administrative Committee?

Yes – the Response Team is accountable to the Administrative Committee and requests for review may be submitted here.

I would like to contact a member who’s account has been suspended or deactivated – can you give me his/her contact information? [link]

No, our privacy policy restricts the distribution of any information received through the Registration Information section of an Alumni Network account.


Why don’t you have some kind of “three strikes” rule before an account is terminated/suspended for a GAC violations? [link]

If this was a hard and fast rule, sadly, with online behavior being what it is, there would be folks who’d take advantage of the “two free strikes” to get their kicks from pushing the limits and stirring up trouble. Minor and first time offenses are usually met with a warning or sometimes account probation, but per GAC 4.2.2, the consequences of violating the GAC ultimately rest with our staff and the decision to remove account privileges, terminate or suspended an account does not necessarily require a history of previous warnings.

Examples of situations when accounts are terminated without prior notice may include the posting of obscene or pornographic material (1.1), the creation of multiple accounts (2.3), bogus accounts (2.1), or when users blatantly and intentionally defy policy.

I would like to know why [former member]’s account was suspended, terminated, or deactivated? [link]

We may or may not, at our discretion, release a statement regarding the deactivation, suspension or termination of a profile within the Alumni Network.

Because these decisions are not open to public debate, and out of respect for the reputation of those who violate policy, we seldom choose to release such statements. Notification of policy violations and the consequences of those violations will usually be handled directly and exclusively with those who have violated the policy.

I have a suggestion about the way policies are developed or enforced, what is the best way to have my suggestion considered?

Submit your suggestion to the Policy Review Committee  - they're always open to good ideas.

What happens when someone receives a warning notice? [link]

If a member (or members) of the community report something that you've posted as a violation of the GAC, you will likely receive a warning notice from the Response Team that will bring the reported content and corresponding GAC section to your attention. The notice will also most likely request that you refrain from such behavior in the future.

Notice messages may vary, but if you receive a warning that must be acknowledged, you may be required to check a box affirming that you 1) agree to conduct your in accordance with the Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct, 2) have read and understand the applicable FAQs, and 3) agree not to violate policy again. Generally speaking, if you unintentionally posted something that violated a policy, and you received a warning, don't worry, just take note of the warning and avoid the behavior in the future.

I have received a warning notice, what should I do about it? [link]

If you have received a warning notice from the Response Team it means that another member (or members) of the community likely reported a complaint about your behavior. The notice itself should be fairly self-explanatory, so be sure to read it, but the main thing you should do is avoid that behavior in the future.

We understand that it may be frustrating to receive such a notice, but the intention of the notice is not to ruffle your feathers, but to call to your attention behavior that was reported as a violation of the GAC. We must address the complaints we receive, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation as we seek to do so.

I have received warnings on multiple occasions and/or have been placed on probation, what should I do about it? [link]

You should really, seriously, stop doing whatever it is you're doing that's causing people to complain about you. If you've already been placed on probationary account status, then you've almost exhausted our staff's ability to keep warning you and your account will in all likelihood be terminated the next time someone complains about you. The fact that you've been warned this many times and your account is still active indicates that we really hope you will turn this situation around. Please also see, "I have received a warning notice".

I don't like the rules, can I decline to comply with them? [link]

Yes, however, we are only able to provide service to users who accept it under the Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines under which it is offered. Please note that using the service constitutes agreement with these terms. So while you may decline the terms, you may not decline the terms and continue using the service. Instructions on how to close your account may be found here.

I have questions or comments about policy enforcement, where should I direct these?

We always appreciate receiving your comments, feel free to contact us here regarding policy enforcement.

I heard [a member] got in trouble for violating policy, but I don't think it's was fair because I didn't personally see them violate the policy. [link]

Generally speaking, the fact that you didn't see the violation is a sign that the Response Team is doing a good job. The Response Team frequently removes objectionable content. For example, obscenities, vulgarities, trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are almost never allowed to remain on the website.

I got in trouble for violating policy, but I don't think it's fair because... [link]
  • "... I have a constitutional right to say whatever I want – even if it violates your 'policy!'"

    According to the Bill of Rights, the United States government cannot abridge your freedom of speech. Websites like Homeschool ALUMNI, even though they are contained on what is broadly misconceived to be a public place (the Internet), are privately owned establishments. As a private establishment, we retain the right to establish and enforce  policies which define appropriate uses of the services we provide. Your agreement to comply with these policies is a condition of your use of the services we provide, and gives us the right to discontinue or limit your service if we believe that you have failed to comply.

  • "... other people did it too and they didn't get in [as much] trouble."

    The Response Team enforces the policy in response to reports from the community so it is very possible that similar violations may have gone unreported in the past. Additionally, consequences of policy violations are assessed on a case-by-case basis with consideration of the surrounding situation(s) and your history of community interaction. We strive to make the best, most consistent, decision possible.

  • "... I disagree with the policy."

    Please contact the Policy Review Committee with if you have a suggestion for a revision to the Guidelines.

  • "... I disagree with the interpretation of the policy."

    Refer to: "What about 'gray area?'"

  • "... 'so and so' said it was okay if I did it."

    This excuse doesn't work.

  • "... 'so and so' dared me to do it."

    See above. 

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