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What is a "Locked" Topic?

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, that have not been answered by this FAQ please feel free to contact the Administrator.

We hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming... but...

... every so often, when the Response Team receives a significant number of complaints about a given topic, they may choose to simply lock the topic and remove any inappropriate content instead of trying to fight through a flame war, deal with persistent trolling, or split hairs over content that a has been reported as offensive by a number of members. Topics which are hopelessly derailed, or have drifted far off course from their original subject matter may also be locked so that a new topic can be created to refocus the discussion.

The locking of a topic does not necessarily reflect an opinion that the subject matter should not be discussed in the Alumni Network, but rather that the manner in which the topic was being discussed was generating a high enough volume of complaints that our staff determined that the most appropriate course of action, for the time being, would be to lock the topic.

Please keep in mind that our staff makes every effort to remove inappropriate content from the forums and if deemed necessary a locked topic may be entirely removed from the public forums at the Response Team's discretion.

We understand that a locked topic may be frustrating to some users, and a relief to others who hate to see things spiral out of hand; Whichever side of that fence you find yourself on in any given situation, we appreciate your understanding as we do our best to deal with sticky situations and maintain healthy and God glorifying discussion in the Alumni Network.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions comments or suggestions.

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