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What should I do if I'm receiving persistent unwanted contact from a user?

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, that have not been answered by this FAQ please feel free to contact the Administrator.

If at any time you receive unsolicited advertising or anything from another user that is obscene, vulgar, threatening, or which otherwise violates policy, please report it to the Response Team immediately.

Additionally, we have a strict policy against online harassment (GAC 1.1), so if a user is sending you communication that does not otherwise violate policy but is nonetheless persistent and unwanted, it may be considered "harassment" (a violation of our policy) if you have plainly told the user to stop contacting you.

If you are communicating with someone who simply "does not get the hint" that you no longer wish to continue corresponding with them, consider taking the following action:

1) Plainly tell the user to stop contacting you.

When the time for subtleties has passed, and if someone is making you uncomfortable with persistent unwanted contact (which does not otherwise violate policy), the next step may be to plainly tell them to stop contacting you. For example:
I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in receiving any further contact from you. Please do not reply to this message, do not send me any other messages, do not post any comments on my profile or blog entries, and do not try to contact me in any other way.
2) If the user persists in contacting you after you've told them to stop, report it to the Response Team.

Any reports of such harassment sent to the Response Team should include 1) a copy of the notice you sent telling the user to stop contacting you, and 2) a copy of the message(s) the user sent to you after receiving your notice. Please make sure the copies of the messages you send to the Response Team include the dates/times on which the messages were sent. The Response Team will review your request and take appropriate action. Your privacy and safety are very important to us!

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