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FAQ: How do I put myself on the Alumni Map?

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, that have not been answered by this FAQ please feel free to contact the Administrator.

We care deeply about privacy concerns and realize that some folks may not want a mark on the map, and that’s okay. Listing yourself on the map is entirely optional, but open to anyone in the Alumni Network 18 years age and older.

1) Click the Edit my Profile link.
2) Be sure that you've entered a zip code in the "Find Me" section of your profile.
3) Answer "yes" to the "Place me on the Alumni Map" question (It's in the "Find Me" section of your profile).
4) Save your profile.

That's it, you'll be listed on the map within 15-20 minutes!

Related Questions

Q. I checked the box to add myself to the map, but I'm still not listed. What's wrong?

If you are 18 years of age or older, and you've followed the direction to put yourself on the map, it may be possible that we didn't have your zip code in the lattitude/longitude mapping database. We're working to overcome that limitation, but until then, you may have to specify a custom lat/lon coordinate or use a zip code that is mapped in our database.

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