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Keep HSA Safe

Privacy and safety in the Alumni Network are among our greatest concerns.

What are We Doing to Keep the Alumni Network Safe?

All user submitted information is subject to our Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct which, among other things, prohibits the posting of anything obscene, pornographic, vulgar, slanderous, harassing, threatening, or inappropriate. Recognizing that policies are only as effective as their enforcement, we have commissioned a Response Team to enforce the policies when necessary. Bogus or fraudulent accounts are quickly terminated and inappropriate material is removed as promptly as possible. We take reports of profiling or other aberrant behaviors very seriously and are determined to provide a safe environment for all who find community here.

Protecting Younger Members

Special considerations have been made to further protect our members who are under 18 years of age:

  • Profile’s of members under 18 years of age are not publicly accessible. (more info)
  • Solicitation of personal information from minors is prohibited. (reference 1.2)

What You Can Do to Help Keep the Alumni Network Safe

We depend on you to report any safety concerns or policy violations you encounter. Active reporting of concerns by our members is our greatest asset in ensuring everyone's safety within the Alumni Network.

If you have a safety concern or policy violation to report, please notify the Neighborhood Watch Response Team.


If you have a concern which does not directly relate to a policy violation, please feel free to contact the Administrative Committee.

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