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Israel FAQs

It’s official! We are very pleased to announce that we have completed all the groundwork and arrangements to make possible the 2009 HSA Abroad Israel Tour this fall!  
When do we leave, and what are the departure and arrival times?  
We’ll be departing from Newark International Airport on November 21, 2009 to spend 10 days and 8 nights in Israel.  We’ll be departing from Newark at 3:40 PM on November 21st and arriving at 9:15 AM on November 22.  On the return flight, we’ll be departing from Tel Aviv at 11:15 AM on November 30th and arriving in Newark at 4:40 PM.

What will we do and see?  
We’ve designed this tour specifically for Homeschool ALUMNI. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we will be experiencing all the Biblical and historical “must sees” that Israel has to offer…as well as some interesting extras such as an excavation site in Megiddo. We can promise that this tour will be unique, fast-paced, and fun! Email Emilie C. at and request the full itinerary to see what’s in store!  
Will we have a tour guide?  
Yes! We are very excited to have Moti Dagan, a licensed Israeli tour guide with 40+ years experience in Christian tours and an excellent reputation, guiding us and expounding on the historical and Biblical significance of each place we visit.  
Sounds great! How do I sign up?  
We will have registration details online soon, but if you’re think you might be able to join us, please contact Emilie C. at as soon as possible to let her know you’re interested. 

Why should I go to Israel?  
Israel is a one-of-a-kind country, full of amazing people, top-quality museums, a fascinating ancient history, and unforgettable natural landscapes! For Christians, it is significant as the land of the Bible…where Jesus lived and loved and accomplished the redemption of the world. 

Who is eligible to attend? 

Although this tour is hosted by and will be mainly attended by HSA members, homeschool graduates, non-HSA members are also welcome to attend.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?  
Yes! Although Israel has had conflict points in certain “bad neighborhood” areas, the Biblical sites and places of interests to tourists are not considered dangerous. In fact, so few visitors have come to even minor harm in Israel that you’d statistically be safer there than you would be on the highways of any major city in America.  
Will we be staying at cheap youth hostels to keep costs down?  
Keeping the price of the tour as low as possible was very important to us, but we didn’t have to compromise on lodging. We’ve received terrific rates at hotels in Tiberias and Jerusalem.  
How much will this tour cost? 
We’ve been able negotiate a price of $1,798 that includes lodging, breakfast and dinner each day, transportation, the tour guide’s services, site and museum admission fees, a special Thanksgiving dinner in Bethlehem, and round-trip airfare from Newark International Airport in New Jersey. The only other per person charge is $295 to cover taxes & fees as well as $50 in tips. So the total price will be: $2,140.  
But the more people we get the more discounts we can get, so if we more than 30 people registered we can even lower the price by another $100.00. And if we get more than 40 we can bring down $150.00.  
Everything we’ve researched and discussed with industry professionals indicates that this is an incredible price for a 10-day tour of this magnitude.  
How many people can go?
The motor coach we’re chartering can hold up to 48 people – so at this time, we can only take 48 people. In order to secure the incredible group rate that we received we must get at least 20 people to make the tour by August 14th. In the unlikely event that we do NOT have at least 20 people registered by August 14th everyone will receive a 100% refund.  
I already know that I want to go! What should I do?  
Contact Emilie C. at as soon as possible to let her know you are interested.  
When is the deadline for registration?  
Your registration must be completed and fully paid by August 14th, 2009, but if you’re seriously interested, we need to know that as soon as possible so we can be gauging the group size - so please drop Emilie C. a note as soon as possible: - we look forward to hearing from you! 

When is the deadline for payment?

If you have your registration and a $400 deposit made before the end of June), you can pay the $1,398 (that is, the $1,798 minus the deposit) by August 14th.  The remainder can be paid any time before October 1st.   

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