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Article Submissions

Thank you for your interest submitting an article to!

We seek to publish articles and essays of specific interest to homeschool graduates.

The key criteria is "of specific interest". We - as homeschool graduates - share a unique outlook on life and a distinct set of opportunities and challenges. We're looking for articles that come from, speak to, or are at least relevant to that unique perspective.

Topics considered for publication include homeschooling practice and philosophy, marriage and family, business, biblical worldview, multi-generational living, psychology, politics, leadership, society and culture, and current events.

Opinions and reviews from (or to) a homeschool alumni perspective are also welcomed for consideration.

We feel that there is an overabundance of material available on homeschool curriculum options and dating/courtship, so while we do recognize the value of such material, we are not soliciting articles on these topics at this time.

Although we prefer to feature articles that have not already been published elsewhere, we do accept suggestions to include articles from other sites, blogs and publications.

We're also very interested in articles that profile the lives and accomplishments of home school graduates. Visit the page about the alumni spotlight column for more information.

Questions, comments and article submissions can be directed to me via email at

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Camden Spiller

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