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Considering College

"Within the realm of institutional K-12 schooling, college tends to be an assumed destination and the decisions typically revolve around where you should go, rather than if you should go. In home schooling circles, however, the questions seem to center more on whether college is a necessary or even desirable option for the home-educated student." As Jim Karpowitz shares in this series of articles, a discussion on the HSA discussion forums "College, should you go?" caused him to reflect and share some wisdom and experience.

Part I - Introduction

Part II - The winding road to my career

Part III - What does the Lord want me to do with my life?

Part IV - A college degree can open some doors

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Jim Karpowitz became a Christian on the heels of the early 70’s Jesus Movement. He and his wife Sue spent several years in children’s and youth ministries. Presently they home school their two young children and feel very strongly about developing strong marriage and family relationships. Jim works in general aviation and enjoys ministering as a singer/songwriter. Sue has a BSN degree but hung up her stethoscope to become a full time mom. She is also a gifted public speaker, an avid runner and best friend to her husband. The Karpowitz’s live in Wisconsin and can be contacted at

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